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   Chapter 239 Scheme

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"No." With a serious look on her face, Lily shook her head and said, "It's me who will be in trouble next. I'm afraid it's not safe for you to stay here."

She raised her head and saw the disappointment on Walter's face. She quickly explained, "I don't really think you're causing me trouble. I'm sorry. I might have offended someone. I don't want to get you into trouble as well."

After a pause, she quickly added, "but don't worry. I know your situation. I won't let you wander on the street. If you don't mind, I can rent an apartment for you outside. How about you live there first?"

After all, he was in a state of amnesia, and his wounds hadn't healed yet. He was penniless. If she kicked him out like this, he would have to live on the street.

Shaking his head, Walter said, "No, I'd better continue to live here. Although I'm not useful, I still can protect you in danger."

His life was saved by Lily. He felt sorry for letting him go like this.

"Are you sure? Your life might be in danger. I think you'd better... "

"If it weren't because of you, I would have died." With a faint smile, Walter said, "my life belongs to you. How can I leave you alone?"

"Okay." Lily sighed helplessly. After a while, she asked hesitantly, "are you sure you want to stay here?"

Walter nodded firmly and said, "I'm sure."

Since he insisted on staying, Lily didn't say anything but told him, "be careful when you are at home alone, okay?"

After a while, Walter added, "I don't think they will be so bold to rush in. This community is located in the center of the city, and the security is good. Of course, it's not professional. But there are monitors everywhere, and police patrols. I think those people may not dare to rush in."

Lily thought his words made sense and thought she was too nervous. She smiled and said, "Then I'll be relieved. I'm going back to my room. You should go to bed early."

After going upstairs, Lily close

ear mind. She shook her head and took two steps back in fear.

With an obscene smile on his face, the hooligan slowly approached her. "Beauty, it's so late, but you are still wandering on the street alone. Are you lonely? Do you need us play with you? "

With her heart in her throat, Lois turned around and ran as fast as she could.

But she was wearing high heels and couldn't run fast. Soon she was caught up by those hooligans. They pulled her hair hard and said fiercely, "Why are you running? Huh? "

Lois's face turned pale, and screamed, "Help! Help! HMM... "

Before she could say anything, her mouth was covered by a hooligan and she was dragged into the depths of the alley.

Lois screamed and fight back hardly, "Do you know who I am? I'm Lois! I'm a movie star, the daughter of the Bai Family! If you dare to touch me, I will not let you go! "

"We don't care who you are. We just take action since we have received the money." The hooligans were not scared, but looked at her with disdain.

They were outlaws and specialized in illegal activities. If they were afraid of revenge, they would have hidden themselves at the beginning.

With red eyes and tears rolling down her cheeks, Lois asked with hatred, "who is it?"

The hooligan tore her dress and smiled, "Lily."

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