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   Chapter 203 Sudden Illness

Irrational But Obsessional By Ning Ruoshui Characters: 6570

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However, this news was like a bolt from the blue to Lily. She didn't expect that there were people who were against her everywhere.

Perhaps it was because she had been used to this quiet and peaceful life that she thought she was no longer in danger, but in fact, there were still many dangers around her.

Lily heaved a long sigh and became more worried. If one day she really ignored this point, she would definitely die soon.

But she was glad that she had eavesdropped this time, so that she could know how serious the matter was.

After bending over the steering wheel for a long time, she began to drive home.

When she got home in the evening, she received a message from Drew, which was out of her expectation. "Are you home? Why did you go home in the middle of the meeting? What happened?"

Her beautiful fingers were quickly typing on the screen of her mobile phone. It only took her dozens of seconds to reply to him.

After putting down the phone, she closed her eyes and fell asleep deeply.

The second day, when Lily just woke up, she received an email from her mother unexpectedly.

She was a little surprised, but at the same time, she was a little happy. She joked to herself, "maybe she want cherish the phone fee. After all, it's very expensive to send messages overseas."

In the past two years, she had been chatting with her parents from time to time. This was the first time she had sent her an email!

Lily was in a good mood, but when she clicked on the e-mail, her hands couldn't help trembling.

"Lily, I don't know if I would disturb you. Your father is sick and has been in a coma for a long time. If you are free, you can come to see him."

The following content was the name of the hospital where her father was hospitalized.

When she saw this email, her mind was in a mess. No matter what time it was in America, she quickly called her mother.

It was not until the phone rang that she calmed down. After t

ut the cost of telephone charge, which was a little expensive. But this time, they actually worried about it.

Did Kevin not give them money?

When she thought of this, a look of regret appeared on her face. She felt that she was too late to notice these key points!

The two of them had already broken up. How could the other side take care of her parents for her? Wasn't it obvious?!

Thinking of this, Lily quickly walked out of her room and said to Hua Yue anxiously, "the company's next development plan is put in the file. You know the password of the computer and some documents that need to be dealt with. If anyone else comes to look for it, just tell them that I'm not here!"

After that, she hurriedly went downstairs. She had booked the air ticket when she took a taxi downstairs.

Fortunately, not long ago, she had learned about booking tickets on mobile applications. Generally, there were very few people who booked first class tickets, so she went very smoothly without any hindrance!

This time, when she went there, she would definitely do her best filial piety. That was what she thought in the taxi.

She looked very anxious until she got on the plane, as if she was afraid that something bad would happen to her father during this period of time when she was on the plane!

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