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   Chapter 202 I'm The One Who Loves You The Most In The World

Irrational But Obsessional By Ning Ruoshui Characters: 5984

Updated: 2020-06-02 00:03

Although the conditions were tempting, it showed obviously the true purpose behind this.

After she calmed down, she turned to the man in front of her and asked, "There are actually many more reliable and powerful partners than our company. Why do you choose Yao Jewelry Group?"

"The reason is very simple, of course, because Robin is my classmate in college. The companies he runs are definitely trustworthy, and you are the person he particularly admires, you are definitely the special one." Obviously, the man didn't buy it and answer the question obscurely.

"That's all?" Seeing that the person only said a few words, she asked again with uncertainty.

Then he said sincerely, "of course! But don't tell him about our cooperation, or everything will be over! "

"Let me think about it!" She didn't agree directly, but decided to think about it first.

The man nodded in agreement. Apparently, he was willing to give her time to think.

In the next few minutes, Lily kept staring at his face.

She really wanted to find some suspicious traces from his face, but the other party didn't show any trace on the face.

After a long time, she found an excuse and left here.

When she just walked to the corner, her arm was grabbed by a big hand. Suddenly, she out of balance. When she came to herself, she found she was in the man's chest.

"What do you mean? !" She looked up at the man and asked coldly. She was not in a hurry to push him away.

The man's voice was very calm. "I found that you can talk happily with all the men. Obviously, I came here to see if you can make me happy!"

"Ha ha..." She snorted and pushed the man away, successfully keeping a certain distance from him.

Every time she saw this man, she would be very angry, especially when she was

itting in the car, Lily listened to their conversation quietly and heard her name unexpectedly.

Moreover, she always felt that the woman's voice sounded very familiar, but she couldn't remember where she had heard it before.

When she was lost in thought, the man's voice sounded again. "I've told you not to be so careless. If you continue to act like this, this mission will definitely end in failure."

"Hm... I see. " The woman had a bad mood suddenly when she heard what the man said.

The man seemed to have noticed this and immediately comforted her, "don't be sad. If anything happens to you in case, how can I live alone in the future? You should know that I am the one who loves you most in the world. Don't you think so? !"

"OK! Don't worry. I will get rid of her as soon as possible." The woman's voice softened in an instant. "Don't come to me at such a crowded place next time. Our mission would end of failures if others see us."

"I'm afraid that your brother comes back with you if I wait for you at home. Then I'll be exposed!" The man seemed to be a little anxious.

After flirting with each other, the two separated. The woman walked away in her high heels.

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