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   Chapter 183 Invisible Temptation

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In this way, she could make a fortune from this old witch.

"It's easy for you to say that. That woman's name is Lily, and she is the ex-wife of Kevin. She knelt down in front of me and begged me to get a divorce certificate for them before. But now she is sticking to Kevin again."

Lydia pretended to be surprised and said, "what?! I can't believe it! "

"Don't take it lightly. That woman is very powerful." Fiona realized that her words might be too euphemistic, and the woman didn't understand what she meant at all.

So she decided to hit the nail on the head for every following word she said.

Then, after hearing what Fiona said, the woman in front of her finally listened to her.

At the end of her words, Fiona took out the invitation card of a party. "This is the invitation card of the party a week later. It's a large-scale party held by the Qin Group. I'm sure that Lily will attend it."

"Here you are. If you want to take some friends with you, it will be much more convenient."

At first, when she handed it over, she thought that with the ability of their company, they would definitely get it. So she could only say that it was convenient to bring her friends in.

She couldn't go to the party because of Kevin.

Otherwise, she wouldn't have asked Lydia, an outsider, to deal with that woman.

She didn't know whether Lydia could make it or not. Fiona was deeply worried.

"Okay, thank you, auntie." Lydia nodded and said.

Obviously, Fiona was very disappointed, and then she began to ask Lydia to leave.

And she knew that she was driving her out, so her role immediately changed to another one.

"I will definitely make that woman named Lily embarrassed, otherwise it will be difficult for me to feel comfortable. And the existence of that woman will definitely affect the future life of Kevin and me." Said Lydia.

"That's great i

was so busy every day that a week passed quickly.

Dozens of well-dressed socialite divas and countless business elites were making comments at the party.

As soon as Lily entered the room, she felt a strong atmosphere. It was very comfortable. All the people here were her kind.

Not long after she entered, she was suddenly stopped. She looked up and found it was Baron.

He lowered his head lightly and said, "Miss Wen, please follow me."

"Okay." She didn't know why she was going to be special all of a sudden.

Many people at the party knew Baron. Following him was as eye-catching as following Kevin.

But compared with before, she passed through the crowd confidently.

When they reached the first floor, the light was obviously dimmer. They stopped at the door of a room.

Baron gave her a hint and then stood at the door.

She walked into the room with confusion and found that there were five or six people in the room, and many computers were still on, but the light in the room was very dazzling.

When she walked in, she was still not used to the light.

"You are here? !" A joyful man's voice suddenly sounded in this quiet room.

It was like in an empty room, this sentence was constantly lingering in her ears.

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