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   Chapter 174 Accidents

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"Now we are in the same boat. Can you trust me more? I will definitely find out the person who did it." Lily had no choice but to say so.

After hearing this, Lois was lost in thought, as if what she said was reasonable.

After a long while, Lois said, "I believe you for once. If this matter is not solved in five days, our cooperation will come to an end."

"Okay, I see." She could accept such a request.

At the corner of the street not far away, the two of them went their separate ways.

Lily was a little upset and drove towards the company. A series of things had happened since she came back.

When she just arrived at the downstairs of the company, she suddenly got the phone call from Mr. Yao. His voice of concern came from the phone, "Lily, are you okay?"

"I'm OK!"

"I've heard that a lot of things have happened in the headquarters recently. Can you solve them all by yourself? Do you need me to send two people to help you?"

Hearing Mr. Yao's words, the expression on Lily's face instantly changed. She pulled her collar and answered, "no need for help. I can solve the problem here."

It took her a long time to get rid of Mr. Yao's questioning. She didn't expect that there were so many of the shareholders in the company who couldn't sit still and told Mr. Yao what happened here so soon.

Obviously, they didn't believe her!

But it was strange that so many things had happened around her in just a few days since she came back.

She felt that someone was behind all this!

In particular, the video revealed today must be the enemy of two years ago, the person who caused the destruction of her family!

While she was thinking, someone suddenly stopped in front of her. The person in front of her was a head taller than her, and caused a shadow in front of her.

"Lily, I just heard what happened at the venue. Are you okay?" The man asked with concern.

When she saw the ma

woman with excellent temperament and spirit standing not far away from her.

After seeing the woman clearly, there was no smile on Lily's face.

The moment the woman saw her, she strode over and said coldly, "I have something to tell you. Come with me."

"Okay." She couldn't refuse.

This woman had already found her in the company. There was no guarantee that she would not come here to harass her or spread some disgusting words.

It would be a headache!

The two of them were like ordinary mother and daughter, walking on the street, except for the distance between the two.

Gradually, they walked out of this area and to a more prosperous place. The two of them walked into a luxuriously decorated coffee shop.

Fiona took her directly to the second floor. It seemed that she was a regular customer here. All the waiters were polite to her, and they all knew her taste and habits in her daily life.

After the drinks they ordered had been served in front of the two.

Fiona said, "I remember that you promised to leave Kevin, didn't you? Why are you back so soon?"

"I've seen a lot of women like you who break your promise. Aren't you just greedy for the assets of our Qin Group?! If you still have a little self-knowledge, get away from my son quickly!"

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