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   Chapter 171 Play Rough

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The media were not satisfied with such a formulaic answer, because they could not find any news they expected at all.

So they continued to ask something about Lily and Lois around her and then let her go reluctantly.

After they got rid of the media, the temperature in the car instantly dropped to zero degrees.

Noticing that Ms. Wen was in a bad mood, Hua Yue comforted her awkwardly. Then, Lily interrupted her directly and the two went upstairs.

When she just arrived at her office, Erin suddenly ran to her and informed her, "Ms. Wen, the shareholders are going to hold a meeting. They are all in the meeting room. They invite you there."

"Got it. I'll be right there." Lily nodded and put the things in her hands in the office.

She sat on the chair and rubbed her aching temples. This would be a hard battle.

She had fired so many people before, which must have harmed some people's interests.

Those people were all old foxes. Even if they were not spies sent by some shareholders, they relied on the shareholders to get the position.

There was not much time for her to think. When Erin came to urge her again, she packed up her mood and went to the meeting room.

As soon as they arrived at the special meeting room, a middle-aged man suddenly stood up. "Ms. Wen, you are so arrogant. You asked us to urge you to come over and over again."

After taking a look at the sign on his right corner, she replied, "you didn't inform me in advance when you were having a meeting. If I knew it, how could I be late? Am I right, Andy?"

This person held the least shares and seldom came to the meeting. As for the other people in the meeting, she had the basic information.

"You!" Being called his name by a young woman, Andy seemed to be very angry.

Adam, the fourth largest shareholder, stood up and said, "well, sit down. Let's get down to business. Ms. Wen, please."

After the two of t

dn't publicized that I would have a cooperation with your company in front of the media, I wouldn't have endorse it!"

After all, she was a public figure and her words and deeds attracted many people's attention.

Since the president of the group had said so, if the two of them failed to sign the contract in the end, the people who hated her would definitely think that it was her responsibility, and then there would be many comments against her again.

Moreover, the identity of the woman in front of her was very different from before. She'd better not provoke her. Otherwise, it would be no problem for her to find trouble for her in the future.

Lily didn't answer, but Lois continued, "you know how rich I am now. Just follow the routine. The only condition is that I can't force myself to do something I don't want to do."

"Well..." Although she knew that Lois would tell me this, she still pretended to be a little embarrassed after hearing this.

After she said the first word, Lois stared at her nervously. Maybe as long as she frowned slightly, she would be more nervous.

After a long time, she said, "our company has a lot of cooperation projects, so I can't agree to your request. After all, I want to hire a spokesperson, not to invite an ancestor."

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