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   Chapter 168 Exclusive of CEO

Irrational But Obsessional By Ning Ruoshui Characters: 5885

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She looked in the direction of the voice and found that the woman standing next to the door of the car was dressed brightly and had very delicate features. What's more, she knew this person.

She just came back and didn't expect to meet someone so soon.

Lily walked over to her and said coldly, "Look at you, a super star! !"

"Well..." The woman was shocked of Lily's change but she didn't show it and said, "yes, what a coincidence!"

She was also confused. Her face had been smashed by her before, and the wound was covered with chili water. It was absolutely impossible not to have any scar.

She found that Lily's face was even smoother than two years ago, and she looks really charming.

After being in a daze for a while, Lois put on a professional smile and asked, "Lily, where have you been in the past two years? We don't have any news about you! "

"Of course..." As she continued, Lily leaned close to the woman's ear and answered in a low voice, "because of you, I have been wandering outside for two years, not like you! "

After saying that, she casually returned to her original place. She didn't stop until she keep some distance to her.

In just a few seconds, the woman's expression suddenly changed.

But Lily didn't want to have too much contact with her now. After all, she had to go to the company to register!

But how could she just let go of Lois, she would not be so generous. She turned to her and said, "I believed we met for a reason, how about you do me a favor?"

"What? ?" She didn't seem to understand what she meant?!

Thought of what happened two years ago, shouldn't Lily hate her badly when they met again? How dare she try to be nice to her!

"You must be more popular than two years ago! In that c

usiness? !"

"Ha ha! She looks about the same age as us. Do you think the woman looks like a rich people for investment?She is just an unreasonable woman! Get out of here, Erin! " The woman started to repeat again.

The girl named Erin in front of her could stick to herself even though that woman has more power than her.

That woman seemed to see the two of them still standing there, and could not help but become furious.

When she was about to make a move, others stopped her easily.

The woman began to scold like a shrew after she saw who stop her.

On the other hand, Lily was quite patient.

After hearing what the others said, she announced, "I'm the new CEO of this company. I wanted to know more about the company, but I didn't expect that as the secretary of the CEO, you can be so arrogant!"

Everyone present was surprised to hear the big news.

Soon, the woman was not reconciled and said, "You said that you are the new CEO, how can you prove it! I don't believe you Is there any evidence? !"

"Of course!" With a mysterious smile on Lily's face, she said confidently.

Then she made an overseas call to Mr. Yao and put it on speaker.

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