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   Chapter 157 The Crisis

Irrational But Obsessional By Ning Ruoshui Characters: 6510

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"Hurry up! Hurry up! "

On the way, he kept urging the driver and even want to drive by himself, but when he saw his mother in his arms, he could only be anxious.

The driver in front of them was sweating. It was not that the car was difficult to drive. It was late at night, and there were not many pedestrians and cars on the road, but the constant urging was more stressful than the dangerous road condition.

"Cousin, do you think aunt will be okay?"

Courtney followed them. Her big eyes were full of horror and caution, making people want to protect her.

But now, Kevin didn't have that intention at all. Even if he had, he might despise her in his heart.

Beside them, Courtney still sobbed from time to time, which sounded really annoying.

The lifeless look of Fiona really made the two of them panic. No one had expected such a situation to happen, and even Courtney was a little nervous.

Saw that Fiona's face was getting pale, they finally arrived at the hospital.

Before they got close, the dean and leaders from all departments were already waited at the door.

"Hurry up. The doctor is in the operating room!"

Kevin nodded his head and followed them in.

Looking at the red light on the door of the operating room started turn on, he almost slumped into a chair.

The dean and others came over and comforted him. They thought it was inappropriate to stay here now, so they left without too much interruption.

"Well, don't turn around. Go back and have a rest!"

Courtney was pacing back and forth in front of him, which made him even more annoyed. He had no choice but to ask her to go back first.

However, she didn't want to. She finally stopped walk around and found a place to sit down.

Saw her like this, he didn't force her.

It took two hours to finish the operation. During the operation, some medical staff came over from time to time to ask if they needed a rest, but they were all refu

ards the door.

"Okay, if you don't go, I'll go to find her. I want her to see what she has done!"

Saw that she was going to find Lily, the man who had been standing still suddenly pulled her back.

"Enough! It has nothing to do with her. It's all my fault. You can't get her into trouble again. "

His face was slightly angry, and his undulating chest made him look stronger.

After saying that, he shook off Courtney's hand and looked at her coldly.

"Let me tell you, no matter what, you have no right to comment or disturb Lily. That's my business. Don't you think the chaos is not big enough now? Or do you think you can continue to do whatever you want for her because I didn't stop you?"

Kevin's ruthlessness made Courtney, who had been noisy all the time, shiver all over. Her eyes were flickering at him.

She didn't expect that he would still protect that little bitch at this time. Courtney's heart was like being bitten by one thousand ants.

It was painful and itchy. She wanted to scratch, but she couldn't do anything. She want to leave him alone, but she unwilling to do that.

Looked at the Kevin who had his back to her, Courtney's eyes were filled with coldness, which made people shiver.

The only thought in her mind was that she had to get rid of Lily.

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