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   Chapter 151 The Farce

Irrational But Obsessional By Ning Ruoshui Characters: 6585

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When they arrived at the party, Lily was afraid that others would misunderstand her relationship with Oscar.

She lowered her head and didn't dare to look into Oscar's eyes. "Well, I suddenly feel a little uncomfortable. You can go in first. I'll be there soon."

After saying that, she pulled her trousers uneasily, which were wrinkled by her.

How could Oscar not know that she was lying? He had been with her for a long time.

He knew that once she lied, she would not dare to look into others' eyes and pull her pants.

But Oscar didn't plan to just let her go. He bent down, with his hands on the door, and imprisoned Lily by his side.

Seeing that Oscar did this, Lily was a little flustered. She tried to push Oscar away with her hands and said, "Oscar, you... What are you doing?"

Seeing the panic on Lily's face, Oscar couldn't help smiling. Regardless of her struggle, Oscar got closer to her and unfastened her seat belt.

After unfastening the seat belt, Oscar sat back in his original seat and said with an ambiguous smile, "unfasten the seat belt for you, of course. Or what else can I do?" After saying that, Oscar waved his hand again, pretending to be innocent.

After she smoothed her hair, Lily lowered her head and blushed. "No... Nothing... Just go."

"Go? Don't you feel uncomfortable? How can I leave first? It's not gentleman to leave you alone in the car." Oscar didn't seem to leave and continued to tease Lily.

"No, no, no. You'd better go first. I just feel a little dizzy and have a rest. I'll be fine. You'd better go now." Said Lily, shaking her head.

"How could I? There is a small clinic ahead. Let me take you there." As he spoke, Oscar was about to carry her out.

Hearing Oscar's words, Lily shook her head like a rattle drum. "No, no, no. I don't feel dizzy anymore suddenly."

Oscar withdrew his hand, got out of the car and opened the door for her like a gentleman. "Then let's go together."

There was n

nymore. Alas, some people just like to be a mistress and always want to climb up to the upper class. However, a sparrow is a sparrow. Even if she flies up to a branch, she can't become a Phoenix." Lily said calmly.

However, her calm words made Hana very angry. Her face turned red with anger and her expression became more ferocious.

"You..." Hana was speechless.

But the moment before, Hana, who was still threatening, suddenly seemed to have changed into another person. She restrained herself and pretended to be aggrieved. Tears fell down as if the tears didn't cost anything, as if the domineering person just now was not her.

It turned out that when Lily and Hana were arguing, Vincent suddenly walked towards them.

Hana held his hand first, pretending to be strong, as if she wanted to cry but tried her best to hold it back. "Vincent, you're here."

Vincent was a little unpleasant to Hana who suddenly held his hand, but he didn't show it obviously. He just silently withdrew his hand. "Lily, you are here. We can find a place to sit and have a chat."

"Okay." Lily didn't want to argue with Hana anymore, so she left with Vincent.

Seeing that Vincent was so good to Lily, Hana hated her even more and swore to make her suffer.

And the farce ended with the appearance of Vincent.

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