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   Chapter 150 Classmate Reunion

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There was only an empty alley in the bustling commercial street. At the corner, there was a well decorated coffee shop called "Withered".

In the corner of the coffee shop sat two beautiful women.

"Long time no see. What have you been doing recently?" Hana gracefully picked up the coffee cup in front of her, took a sip and looked at the woman opposite her up and down.

"What else can I do? Go to work, and go back home. It's a busy and boring life. Now I finally have some free time. So I asked you out." Anna smiled at the woman who could be called her only friend.

She met Hana at an event held by the student union when they were in college.

At that time, Hana was very simple. She didn't have so many schemes as she was now, nor did she covet the wealth of the upper class. She was just an ordinary college student.

"You have a conscience. You know I'm still here."

"By the way, I asked you out to help me choose the clothes to wear at the classmate party. We haven't seen each other for so many years. I can't let others be more beautiful than me." Anna took her Hermes bag and left with blue Hana.

"Classmate reunion?" Since she knew Anna, she had known that she didn't have any communication with her classmates. Why did he invite her there? Was she asking for trouble?

"Never mind. It's just an invitation from a returnee. Do you know that Vincent?" Anna said while selecting dresses with Hana.

"I know." Hana nodded. She remembered that person. Although she was not very familiar with him, she knew him at least. Except for his good-looking appearance, there seemed to be nothing special about him. Could a child from an ordinary family afford to study abroad?

"It's him. He is the heir of the Leng Family. His family sent him abroad to study financial management before he finished his university. After he returned from abroad, he is going to take over his family's business." Anna picked up a chiffon dress casually and looked at herself.

"The heir of the Leng Family?" He was from a rich fami

"I'll drive you there."

"No, thanks. I can go there by myself." Lily refused with a smile.

But obviously, Oscar didn't want to do as she wished. His tall body firmly blocked in front of her.

"Let's go. We are going to attend the same party anyway. Let's go together in my car." Then he stepped forward to take her bag.

Subconsciously, Lily took a step back, grabbed her bag belt and bit her lips. "Well, there's no need. It's already troublesome for you to stay here all the time. I can walk by myself at the party. You don't have to worry about me."

"No way. Since you live here, I have to take good care of you. Besides, we are on the same way. It won't be troublesome if there is anything." Oscar stood in front of Lily and said again.

"No, thank you for your kindness." Lowering her head, Lily walked away. If she appeared at the party with Oscar in the same car, it would definitely cause discussion among her classmates. She didn't want to get into unnecessary trouble.

As soon as she walked out of the door, she touched her wallet subconsciously. There was not much money in it, which was not enough to support her round trip expenses.

Just then, Oscar stopped his car in front of her, rolled down the window and looked at her quietly.

"Alas." With a helpless sigh, Lily got on Oscar's car to the destination of the party.

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