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   Chapter 149 You Can't Escape For The Rest Of Your Life

Irrational But Obsessional By Ning Ruoshui Characters: 5996

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Even through the phone, Lily could imagine how anxious he was now.

At the same time, she felt happiness. She was grateful to have such a person to accompany her.

"I'll send you the location." Without any hesitation, Lily told him where she was.

Then she waited for Oscar to pick her up.

Not long after, she saw a black luxury car coming and stopping in front of her.

She opened the door and sat down behind the car, looking out of the window silently.

The man on the driver's seat knew what had happened when he saw the expression on Lily's face.

After the car drove away for a long time, Oscar asked, "What happened yesterday? Why don't you say anything? "

"I'm fine. It's just that something unpleasant happened yesterday and I took a walk outside for a whole day." Lily answered indifferently.

"Do you want to have breakfast? There are still free time left before I go to work. It's completely OK. " Saw that she was unwilling to tell him, he stopped asking.

She replied indifferently, "No."

Her tone was so cold.

At the same time, she didn't want to tell Oscar about her story with Kevin.

After all, it really made her feel bad, and her heart was pulled up at the mention of it.

The car was running on the road. The scenery outside the window was gradually familiar to Lily. She knew that she was about to reach Oscar's home.

When they arrived at home, Oscar went to open the door.

Just then, Lily suddenly said, "I didn't sleep well. I felt a little dizzy all the way back, so I went back to catch up on sleep. Thank you for sending me back."

Before Oscar said anything, she opened the door and went in.

Oscar sighed silently. He knew that she wanted to avoid him, but he nodded slightly and didn't ask her anything.

After returning to h

ck and forth for a long time, and then said, "This is the first time we hold a reunion party. Everyone else can choose to not go, but as the monitor, it seems inappropriate for you choose to not go, right?"

"Even if something bad happens, you have to face it directly. You can't choose to escape for the rest of your life, right?"

The voice outside the door was still persuading. Hearing what he said, Lily was also hesitated a little.

During this period of time, she had been escaped because she couldn't face the result, but it was useless to escape now.

After Oscar said a lot, she agreed to go to the reunion party.

Oscar was happy in his heart, "can you open the door now? I've already prepared the dinner. Let's have some food first and then clean up. You wouldn't want to face our classmates with such a haggard look, right? "

"Okay..." Lily felt very depressed.

She hadn't gone out for many days, and there was a huge mishap in her family. She also has those thing with Kevin.

She was no longer the young girl she used to be, although only a few years had passed since she graduated from university.

Under induced by Oscar, Lily finally walked out of the room.

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