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   Chapter 147 Quarrel At Midnight

Irrational But Obsessional By Ning Ruoshui Characters: 6539

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Now, Kevin didn't want to let Lily out of his sight at all. At least before she woke up or was out of danger.

The doctor had been working for so many years, and it was the first time that he had encountered such a threat, but he could not refuse.

Reluctantly, the doctor examined the woman in bed carefully.

He found that she was in poor health. No wonder she had such a high temperature in such a weather.

When he was about to ask Kevin about it, he suddenly saw that he had disappeared.

At this time, a middle-aged woman walked up to the doctor and said apologetically, "Mr. Qin has something to deal with just now. He asked me to take care of Miss Wen."

Hearing this, the doctor was completely speechless.

Kevin didn't allow the patient to leave. He at first thought that he was worried about the patient, but he left in a flash.

According to the medical ethics, the doctor went back to the hospital to get all the medicine and treated for Lily.

It was not until nightfall that the woman in bed woke up slowly.

She raised her head and saw the man sitting on the edge of the bed. The faint light in the room reflected on the man's angular outline, and there was a little sadness in his eyes.

It was not until then that Lily recalled what had happened today.

When the man saw her wake up, he felt a little relaxed and asked, "are you still uncomfortable?"

"What's wrong with me?" Raising her head to look at the ceiling, she said in a hoarse voice.

"You had a fever."

No wonder she felt dizzy when she got up in the morning.

As if she had understood what he meant, she said to the man next to her, "thank you."

"Nancy has already cook the dinner. Let's go downstairs and have dinner together." After saying that, the man stood up and left.

Looking at the tightly closed door, Lily was lost in thought for a moment.

This man became gentle again.

Even she didn't know what the real him was.

Not long


The woman didn't understand what he meant for a moment. "Ah?"

The man said discontentedly and left, "nothing! I know you're bored here, so I'll let you stay with the child for one night."

"OK! Thank you! " Lily was deeply touched.

Then she continued to accompany the child.

After a while, Lily fell asleep with the child.

In the middle of the night, her body began to heat up, and her mouth was dry. She got out of bed in a daze.

When she was about to go out, she suddenly heard a familiar voice from the next room.

It seemed that Kevin was arguing with someone!

In her impression, he had always been confident that he would win. There was nothing he could not solve.

Confused, she didn't open the door and walk out directly. Instead, she hid behind the door and listened carefully to the man's words.

"I have told you that I have nothing to do with the matter of Haber. If you continue to get entangled with it, you will not be able to get away with it!"

"Huh! You have the nerve to talk about our agreement. If you didn't break the rule, how could Lily leave? !"

"Get out!"


Then the whole house returned to silence.

With a depressed look on her face, Lily sat down, tears welling up in her eyes again. She couldn't believe what she had just heard.

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