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   Chapter 146 Suddenly Fainted

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Kevin had gone too far. What did he mean by 'blind hoods?' She was pretty frankly, and it was obviously for her to be liked by other men.

But he called himself a hero!

Shame on him?!

Thought of this, Lily suddenly remembered the kiss just now.

Although she was embarrassed last night, she shouldn't have been slandered like that, so why he kissed her?

'Just for fun?' Or did he attracted by her beauty just like the two blind hoods last night?

She didn't dare to think too much about it, because Kevin who is cold blood would not has feelings for her at all.

"Thank you for saving my life. I'm leaving now." She smiled awkwardly at him. If she continued to stay here, it wouldn't be worse.

"Just thank me in oral?" If it weren't him, she would be hurt badly.

Thought of the disgusting and greasy faces of the two hoods yesterday, he regretted hadn't taught them a lesson.

This woman was so stupid that she had no sense of dangerous and was taken away by strangers.

If he was late, he didn't know what would happen. He was burning with anger.

Or she would rather played with others than see his face.

The sudden gloom made Lily hold her breath. Who knew what was wrong with him.

Her eyes were flickering, and she didn't want to answer this question. "How can I thank you? You have everything I have, and you have already got all the things even you haven't. What else do you want?"

Looking out of the window, Lily felt even worse.

Every time she appeared in front of him, she would always be in a difficult position. This kind of feeling would always make her feel that she was inferior.

Kevin stared at Lily calmly, as if he wouldn't be bothered by such a trifle.

"Damn you!" He said fiercely.

Pretended not to hear that, Lily said naturally, "thank you for your help. I'm goin

to the bed and took out the first aid kit he was carried. After taking out a small electric light, he nodded thoughtfully.

"She's not in a good condition. I need to take her temperature." He said honestly. At the same time, he was also asking for the opinion of Kevin.

The doctor had heard of the story of the two of them, and he could see the anxiety in Kevin's eyes.

After getting the permission, he quickly took out the thermometer and put it under her armpit. Then he waited for three minutes.

In the past three minutes, the atmosphere in the room was very awkward. The doctor felt that he could not stay any longer.

After three minutes, he was shocked to see the temperature on it.

He had been a doctor for ten years, but he had never seen an adult could have such a high temperature.

He said worriedly, "well Mr. Qin She has a fever of 39.8 degrees. I advise you to send her to the hospital for treatment, or her life will be in danger. "

Took a glance at the thermometer in the doctor's hand, Kevin was shocked as well. He didn't expect that Lily had such bad fever.

He should have followed the doctor's advice.

"No way! Just taking the treatment at home! " Kevin refused seriously.

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