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   Chapter 140 She Is Crazy

Irrational But Obsessional By Ning Ruoshui Characters: 6581

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Feeling that all the cells in her body were shouting, Lily struggled to follow behind Kevin. Seeing that the elevator door was about to close, she made up her mind and reached out her hand to block it.

Fortunately, Kevin reacted in time and pressed the open button again.

"Court death?" The man looked at her gloomily and said in an unfriendly tone.

She sneered, "isn't that what you want?"

Kevin's hands were clenched into fists. He took a deep look at her and looked away.

Irritated by his last look, Lily ground her teeth and pounced on Kevin, trying to press him down.

In fact, her wish was also fulfilled.

The elevator was so big that she successfully pressed him on her body. She could only bite it to vent her anger.

"Are you crazy?" Kevin pushed her away.

"I'm crazy!" Lily was hit hard on the iron plate aside. The elevator shook and then went down again.

Soon, with a "click" sound, the door of the elevator opened slowly.

Kevin stood up slowly, tidied up his clothes as if nothing had happened, and went out without looking at her.

Lily stayed alone in the elevator. The place she bumped into was still painful, and tears spilled over her eyes and fell to the ground along her cheeks.

"Why..." She asked weakly in the empty air.

She didn't understand why Kevin treated her like this. He just treated her as a plaything. When she was still useful, he immediately came to her. How could he sacrifice her for another woman? He was so cold-blooded.

She subconsciously touched the bumped place, and a sticky feeling was imprinted on her hand. The bumped place was bleeding.

Enduring the pain, she walked out of the elevator step by step and left the company. She bought herself some medicine and wiped it with the last money left on her. Then she took a taxi back to Oscar's home with the last cash on her.

"You are back." Seeing her, the man did not ask, but helped her back to the room.

Lily nodded weakly, "than

er, you can leave."

"I don't need it." Lily just refused.

"Monitor, don't rush." Oscar smiled, "I know you have nowhere to go now. You'd better stay well and recuperate your body here."

He looked at her and said, "you know your own body well, don't you?"

The man's words made her hesitate.

She had been holding on these days. The sequelae of the hematopoietic stem cell donation were partly hidden and partly visible on her body.

She bit her lips and still refused him.

Noticing her hesitation, Oscar added, "as far as I know, you still have a child. Do you want to take care of him in the future?"

Hearing this, Lily couldn't help but widen her eyes and looked straight at him.

The man just raised his eyebrows, not caring about her attitude at the moment.

"I won't say more. You can think about it yourself." He stood up slowly, stretched himself, patted her on the shoulder and left the dining room.

Lily sat alone in the chair and thought for a whole day.

At last, she chose to obey Oscar's arrangement. Even if she went to see Kevin, she was just asking for trouble. The body was her own. Only by taking good care of her body could she have a future.

Thinking of this, she felt much better. After living in the Zhao Family for a few days, it was time to see her child.

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