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   Chapter 135 Stop It

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In this deal with him, she need more initiative.

Ignoring her, Kevin stood up and walked to the desk. He began to sort out his documents as if there was only one person in the room.

The atmosphere became silent again. The two of them didn't say anything, and the room could clearly hear the breath of them.

Lily began to panic, what if he didn't even allow her to see the baby in the future.

She began to panic, and her heart was unstable little by little.

After a while, she couldn't stand it anymore. "Okay, I agree. Let me see the child once a week." She went crazy.

Kevin put down the documents in his hands and looked at her calmly, "you have met the child yesterday. See him a few days later." The indifferent voice came out of his mouth, but made her ears hurt.

She clenched her fists again, and her lips seemed to be bleeding.

After a long time, she slowly lowered her head and became quiet, without any emotional fluctuation.

"Okay." She raised her head and looked at him calmly. Her eyes were a little dark, as if they had lost lively.

Kevin lowered his head and continued to sort out the documents. When he thought the woman had left, he raised his head and found that the woman in front of him was still standing there without moving a step.

He crossed his arms over his chest and looked at her quietly, while Lily was also looking at him.

The two of them looked into each other's eyes. The eye contact between the two made them feel something indescribable in their hearts.

"Mr. Qin, I'm afraid you don't know that your mother has talked to me. If I continue to stay here, my family... " The voice suddenly sounded in the room, and her tone was calm, as if she was telling something very normal.

She didn't say anything. She stopped talking and looked at him coldly.

Kevin's eyes twinkled. Before he could say anything, Lily said again, "if you want me to stay here one year, you should first handle your mother."

After saying that, she left the

Fiona's feet froze in midair. She turned around and looked at him nervously.

She walked to Courtney and asked, "Courtney, what if your brother know what we have done?"

This woman, who had been a strong woman in business, was a little flustered at this moment, Courtney comforted Fiona, "Aunt, I'll go with you later. We will be fine." Courtney patted her on the arm and said gently.

"Okay." Fiona held Courtney's hand, looking a little uneasy.

The two walked into the room arm in arm and saw Kevin sitting on the chair.

"Get out." He looked at Courtney calmly and said lightly.

"Brother..." Courtney wanted to say something more, but when she saw the indifference in his eyes, she swallowed and dared not say anything more.

She had to leave the room quietly.

Courtney wanted to listen behind the door, only to find a person standing behind her.

Baron pushed her away and said seriously, "Miss, Mr. Qin doesn't allow anyone to come close. Please leave." Then he stood still in front of the door.

She stamped her feet in anger, glared at Baron, turned around and left downstairs.

Seeing that Courtney had left, Fiona felt like she had no one to rely on. She sat a little far away from Kevin and looked at him quietly.

"Mom, stop it." He sat up straight, and there was no emotion in his deep eyes.

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