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   Chapter 132 Ruthlessness

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His eyes slowly opened, revealing a pair of big round eyes.

Her figure was reflected in the child's black eyes.

Lily was so excited that she didn't notice Kevin. A faint smile appeared on her face unconsciously. She sat on the sofa, put the child on her laps and gently shook his hands.

The child looked at her confused, as if he was not used to the smell of her body. He kept moving in her arms, trying to struggle out of her arms.

"Wow, wow, wow." He suddenly burst into tears, which filled the room in an instant.

She immediately panicked and hurried to comfort the baby.

Before Lily could take action, a pair of big hands stretched out from behind, hugged the baby and took him away her.

"Baby..." Looking at the crying baby, she felt as if a knife were piercing her heart. She wanted to comfort the baby, but the baby had been taken away by Kevin's subordinate.

Lily wanted to hold the child's arm but she stopped suddenly. At last, she put her arms down helplessly, her tears were rolling in her eyes.

Kevin seemed didn't see her looks, he took the baby from his subordinate, held it in his arms and comforted the baby softly.

"If the blood type is matched successfully, you will return the baby to me after I donating to her, right?" Lily said helpless.

Kevin nodded expressionlessly.

She couldn't believe that this man would be so ruthless. His own child was less important than his ex-girlfriend.

With a bitter smile on her face, Lily replied, "Okay, I'll go. But if What if the blood type can't be matched successfully? "

"That's impossible." Kevin said resolutely.

"Get ready. We are going to the hospital to do the test." After saying that coldly, he turned around and left. Soon, only Lily and one of his men were left in the room.

As a mother, she spent less than half a day with her child, and was about to leave soon after they met for few minutes.

The woman's heart seemed to be pricked by a needle again and again. She clenched her ha

weak during these days of looking for the baby.

Now her blood was drew, and her body couldn't bear it anymore.

She stood up slowly with all her strength and left the room. Her lonely back looked very helpless in the deep corridor.

"Ms. Wen, you can take rest for longer time." A nurse came over.

"Where is he?" Lily turned around and held her arm tightly.

The nurse shook her head in confusion.

Lily let go of her hand, smiled bitterly and walked out of the hospital step by step. She called a taxi and went back to Wen Family.

When the woman stood at the door, she found that there were many things that didn't belong to the house. She opened the door with confused.

At this time, a person was cleaning the room. Seeing that it was Lily, she put down her things and walked over.

"Who are you? Why are you here?" She asked and felt something was wrong.

"I'm a servant. Are you looking for Sir?" The servant was also confused.

No one would come in by themselves even they are the friends of owner.

It seemed that she didn't come to visit.

"What's your master's name?" Lily looked around. The house seemed to have been redecorated, which was not the style of Kevin.

The servant frowned and answered politely, "Chen."

Taking a deep look at her, Lily left the house without saying anything.

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