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   Chapter 125 It's A Boy

Irrational But Obsessional By Ning Ruoshui Characters: 7120

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Baron looked at him silently. He wanted to say something but stopped suddenly.

After a long time, Kevin slowly sat up straight. He looked at Baron calmly, with his deep eyes.

"Tell me, what's the matter?" He had found Baron a long time ago, but he still chose to stay in his own world.

"Mr. Qin, madam had given birth to a boy. Our men are about to bring them back. " As Baron spoke, he handed the photos and the pregnancy test report to Kevin.

Hearing what Baron said, the man's hand holding the coffee trembled slightly.

He took a deep breath and slowly put down the coffee. His expression did not change, but there seemed to be a huge wave in his heart. He picked up a photo and looked at it with a complicated look.

In the photo, it was a newborn baby with wrinkle skin, a little red face, and a little fat hand that was tightly clenched.

He still had a few short hair on his head and his eyes were closed.

Kevin turned to the next photo. The baby didn't change much. The only difference between the two photos was that his eyes opened.

His big round eyes looked exactly like Kevin.

Looking at the photo gently, Kevin couldn't help reaching out to touch it. His mouth moved as if he was muttering.

In Baron's eyes, the man who just became a father was totally different from the man he usually see.

At this time, he was not coldly as he used to be, nor as calm as he used to be. He was like a big boy, full of tenderness.

After reading it for a long time, Kevin gently put down the photos and the pregnancy test report in his hands. "The child must be brought to me safely. If there is any mistakes, you can resign by yourself."

The cold voice seemed to lower the temperature of the room to the lowest point, and the aura around him instantly reached the peak.

Standing in the center of the storm, Baron felt a little breathless. He swallowed and said respectfully, "Got it. I'll do it right away."

He left the office quickly and closed the door.

Kevin gently picked up the photo and put it into his pocket. When he looked at the pregnancy test report on the table, a touch of tend

n found out have a record of tax evasion and records of selling low-quality medicinal materials. The company also participated in a vicious commercial competition and raised the price.

Of course, if these were not enough to cause public indignation, counterfeiting the drugs would become the most serious mistake he made.

Medicine was the daily necessities of public.

Now the social problem about difficult to get medical treatment of public had not been solved. Many people with financial difficulties would ask for the same effect but at a very low price when they need to pay high medical fees.

As soon as the incident of counterfeiting drugs happened, many people found that their medicine for treatment had become a chronic poison, and these medicine was slowly harming their lives.

Everyone would be angry.

No one knew how his medicine escaped the supervision of the Pharmacy and Testing Bureau and how he was sold out. The police and the Management Bureau had already intervened in this matter.

For the Cheng Family, Herman was like a time bomb, which could explode at any time and bring them trouble.

Jerome felt ashamed of what Herman had done. He began to regret, wondering if it was a wrong decision to cooperate with Herman.

"This kind of person has no good for the Cheng Family. It's better to deal with him as soon as possible, in case of leaving a disaster to the Cheng Family."

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