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   Chapter 124 Labor

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It was inconvenient for her to do anything because of her big belly.

But at this time, she was very happy that she could give birth to a new life.

She felt a strong heartbeat coming from her abdomen, which made her want to sigh the miracle of life.

Lily went to the hospital in the small town early in the morning.

The economy and technology were very developed in France. Even in a small town, the medical equipment was very advanced.

This made her feel at ease to do the pregnancy test.

Accompanied by the nurse, she slowly walked into the examination room.

The doctor needed to give her a B-Ultrasound to know the condition of the baby, and also do examine to her blood to know her healthy condition.

Lying on the bed quietly, Lily let the doctor to use the detector to gently slide on her round belly, and the data instantly appeared on the computer.

The black and white picture clearly showed that a lively little fellow was moving, full of vitality.

Looking at the image on the computer screen, she couldn't help but feel a little sad.

She had been raising herself and the baby for so long, and she had to bear all the pain and tired alone.

Hard and happy.

Everything was worth for the sake of the baby.

"Almost the time to give birth. The baby is very healthy. You should take more rest and supply more nutrition during this period." Knowing that the baby was very healthy, the doctor was also happy for her and gently reminded her.

Lily nodded with a big smile on her face.

Soon, she walked out of the hospital with a big belly. She put the pregnancy test report into her bag.

She waved her hand, called a taxi and went home.

A car followed her quietly.

Until the woman entered the room and disappeared from his sight, Kevin still stared straight at the door.

"What should I do with you?" He murmured.

He knew that Lily would never have an abortion!

He just met the day for her pregnancy test. He hadn't taken good care of this lit

he heard the baby crying.

Her tense mood collapsed in an instant. She raised a faint smile on her face and calmly closed her eyes.

At the same time, Kevin, who was having a meeting in the conference room, seemed to be stabbed by an arrow in his heart.

His expression froze for a moment, but soon returned to his original expressionless face. The people under the stage didn't find anything unusual and reported to him about their companies.

Baron noticed the difference of Kevin. While Kevin shook his head and ordered him to do nothing.

He touched his heart secretly. Except for the rapid heartbeat, there was nothing unusual. He shook off the doubts in his mind and listened carefully to the company's report.

The report showed that all the data about the company were constantly increasing. After experiencing the scandals, the company was approved by the public again.

Kevin said a few words to them, looking forward the company's future development direction and the arrangement of some works. He asked them to write plans, and the meeting was soon dismissed.

He sat in his office, leaning back against the chair and relaxing his legs. He raised his head and closed his eyes, in a very relaxed state.

Suddenly, there was another person in the room. It was Baron who came to see him after the meeting.

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