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   Chapter 123 Book A Ticket

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"Lily, are you from a big city? Why do you come to such a remote place? " The old lady almost treated her as her own daughter, kind and nice.

"A big city may not be much better than this town. It's quieter here." Lily said with a smile. She could treat people sincerely when they were kind to her.

Besides, she felt much more relaxed in this peaceful place.

Although there were still bad people do some bad things here, it was much better than the terrifying commercial competition in big cities. Once you are careless, your reputation would be ruined forever.

During this period of time, she deliberately controlled herself not to check news on the Internet, pay no attention to, and do not care about that man.

"Really?" The old lady murmured to herself.

After a long time, the smile on her face did not decrease at all. "It seems to be true."

The two of them looked at each other and smiled. This kind of situation often happened, and the old lady had a bad memory. Sometimes she forgot what she said today and told Lily again tomorrow, but she was willing to listen to it.

Sometimes the old lady was so excited that she said a lot in local language, but Lily couldn't understand a word.

When she had time, she would go to the hospital to do examination for the baby in her belly, she was worried that something bad would happen.

It had to be said that one of the most important reason why she would leave Kevin, it would be the baby.

For her, since the baby come to the world, she should be responsible for it. Fiona wanted to kill an innocent life. She have to leave that man for the baby's safety.

Fortunately, the baby was nice and quiet and didn't torture her too much.

Time passed quickly. Two months passed in an instant.

Great changes had taken place in the city this month.

The matter of Kevin had been settled smoothly, it turned out that everything was done secretly by the Cheng Family. The scandals about the mother and baby products caused by the Cheng Family.

At the beginning, the data ex

on his desk were piled up casually, and several contracts on the ground attracted his attention.

Staring at the pieces of paper on the ground, Kevin smiled.

The people who came to the company to make trouble last time were all premeditated!

Someone knocked on the door at this time.

The man looked up and said lightly, "come in."

When the door was pushed open, Baron got a hint and walked in quietly. "Mr. Qin, there are many people online who questioned the quality of mother and baby products."

Kevin, who was tapping the table with his index finger, suddenly stopped when he heard this.

"Wait for few more days." He paused and asked, "where did she go?"

Baron looked straight at him and quickly responded, "Madam went to the countryside of France and rented a small house there."

"Book a ticket." Kevin said without hesitation.

Then he began to work. Baron replied and left the office immediately.

During this period of time, Kevin focused on his work and didn't arrange anyone to keep an eye on Lily. He thought Kevin would let go of her and he almost forgot this thing.

However, because of his previous habits, he still paid close attention to Lily's movements all the time, so that when Kevin was asked, he can answer it quickly.

Baron sighed and followed the order.

The things happened this days did not affect Lily.

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