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   Chapter 113 Divorce

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The two words left by James were "Cheng Family".

Baron answered respectfully and began to deal with Kevin's order.

At the same time, when everyone was busy with the business assessment of the capital city, Lily was standing near the old house of the Qin Family, hesitating.

Finally, she touched the baby in her belly and walked straight into the old house.

"Lily, what are you doing here?" The two women had already broken up, and Fiona didn't want to pretend anymore. She asked coldly.

There was anger in her tone.

In her mind, Lily was the one who caused the conflict between her and Kevin.

"Mrs. Qin, why are you so cold?"

Raising her eyebrows, Lily sat down on the sofa.

She had made up her mind to leave that man. Her father had been released without charge. She no longer cared about or worried about anything. Naturally, she was unwilling to swallow her anger and said coldly, "I'm here for cooperation."

Fiona sneered and asked, "what can I do with you?"

Fiona didn't show any respect to a coquette who harmed her son.

"Please leave." She calmed down and made a gesture to see the guest out.

"Why don't you listen to my ideas about the cooperation?" Lily drew back her cold eyes and smiled unexpectedly, "if you don't want to, I won't force you. I'll leave directly and won't disturb your rest."

Her words were too abnormal. Fiona shook her head, rubbed her temples and nodded slightly.

The woman's intuition was shouting in her mind that this so-called cooperation would definitely satisfy her!

"Let go of my family. I'll leave." After a pause, Lily seemed to have made up her mind and said firmly, "help me get the divorce certificate. I will definitely stay away from Kevin forever."

They would never contact each other forever!"

This was her promise to Fiona.

She was tired. Since she had married Kevin, she was not truly relaxed at any moment.

She used to think about her father and expect Kevin to save him. Now her father was fine. She had no hope to

was often exposed to quality problems, but there was no substantial progress to solve them.

But... It had nothing to do with her.

When she came to her senses and took the divorce certificate, she took out her phone and opened an app.

It was the information of her ticket for going abroad. She showed her phone to Fiona and said, "I've booked the air ticket for going abroad and I've changed my phone number."

Fiona looked at it and smiled with satisfaction.

"Don't hurt my family." Lily's tone changed and stared at Fiona sharply.

Although she knew clearly that the contradiction between her and Fiona was just because of Kevin.

When she and Kevin had nothing to do with each other, there was no need for Fiona to deal with the people around her, but she could not help but want to emphasize.

"Of course, you have divorced. How can I have so much free time to waste on you?" Fiona chuckled and looked at Lily with the same eyes as her. "I also hope that Miss Wen will keep her promise."

They stared at each other and suddenly smiled at the same time.

Fiona picked up the designer handbag and left with a smile.

Courtney also participated in the process of her getting the divorce certificate.

So after she left, she called her niece immediately, "Courtney, it's done. We can finally breathe a sigh of relief."

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