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   Chapter 30 Fuck Off

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"Fuck off!" Kevin said coldly.

The driver immediately got up. He shrugged and carefully walked from Kevin.

After passing by Kevin, he ran wildly in the dark alley, stumbled a few times and got up with both hands and feet in a hurry.

Kevin lowered his head and flipped the bottom of his trousers. A slight cruelty appeared at the corners of his mouth.

Soon, the screech of the driver came from behind him.

"Ah! Mr. Qin... " Even at this time, the driver still did not forget Kevin's promise, "did you Promised to... Let me go? "

After saying that, he let out a loud groan.

There was no expression on Kevin's face. He walked directly to the other side of the alley and got into his car.

"Let's go and meet Hana."

With that, he closed his eyes slowly, holding back the slightest hint of restlessness.

The assistant replied and started the car slowly.

Soon after, his assistant's cell phone rang. He quickly picked it up and put it beside his ear. Then he asked respectfully, "Mr. Qin, what about the driver?"

"Get involved in kidnapping and send him to the police station." Kevin said indifferently, looking ahead.

"Yes." The assistant answered, whispered something over the phone and soon hung up.

The apartment of Hana was a relatively high-end neighborhood, which was bought by Michael when they was together.

Hana was in a good mood. After this, she didn't think Lily had the courage to live on.

'You deserves it!

Since she was no longer a rich young lady, she should be treated like this! Do you think you can change your life after you marry Kevin?'

With a glass of wine in her hand, Hana gave a snort. Obviously, her eyes were filled with infinite joy.

Right at this moment, the door suddenly rang.

"Is it Michael?" Hearing the man's words, Hana turned around immediately and looked at him with delight. She knew that Michael wouldn't leave her behind so easily.

But when she saw the slim figure standing at the door, her face froze.

"Kevin.. Kevin? " Hana looked at Kevin angrily and stepped back, "Why are you here?"

"I'm coming to ask a person from you." There was no emotion in Kevin's eyes. He looked at Hana coldly.

However, it made Hana feel like she was watched by the God of death.

Holding back her urge to flee, Hana put on her usual smile and said, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Lily, please give her to me." Step by step, Kevin walked in front of Hana. He said "please" with a gesture of no politeness.

Restraining her fluster, Hana said in a calm voice, "Lily is supposed to be with Mr. Qin, isn't she? Why are you find her in my house? "

"Hana, where is Lily?" Kevin suddenly stopped and stared at Hana with his cold eyes.

"I How would I know! " Hana made up her mind to pretend to know nothing, "Lily is Mr. Qin's wife. How could you blame others if you can't find her?"

"I'll give you three seconds." Kevin lightly opened his mouth, with his eyes getting darker and darker.

Hearing that, Hana swallowed her saliva. Obviously, there was a trace of p

anic on her face, but she calmed down soon. She said, "I don't know what you are talking about, Mr. Qin. But I think that maybe Lily can't bear the loneliness and went out for a man."

A hint of viciousness flashed in her eyes, and a hint of crazy pleasure could be seen on her face. Apparently, she was imaging that Lily was raped by someone.

The fury in Kevin's eyes couldn't be suppressed any longer. He lowered his voice and said with obvious anger, "Hana! You'd better tell me where she is now. Otherwise, if anything happens to her, I will let you pay for it dozen times! "

Under Kevin's pressure, Hana finally sank into the sofa, but she didn't give up. "I don't know. What does she have to do with me?"

Kevin directly stepped forward, with one hand holding tightly Hana's neck. He gritted his teeth and said, "I will give you the last chance. Where is Lily?"

"Ahem!" An expression of pain appeared on Hana's face. With a faint smile at the corners of her mouth, she said, "Mr. Qin, I didn't expect that You really care about Lily... "

He didn't has any patient now. He had no idea what would happen in such a long time. It had been one day since the disappearance of Lily.

At the thought of this, he could no longer remain calm.

"Tell me!" Kevin gritted her teeth and put more strength on his hands.

Hearing what Kevin said, Hana immediately put her hands around Kevin's waist and began to struggle. "You Let me go. "

As the air was being deprived little by little, Hana's face gradually turned pale.

"If you dare hurt Lily, I can make you disappear from this world!" Kevin said in a low voice.

His cold and emotionless voice was breathtaking.

Then Kevin released his hands, looked down at Hana who was coughing on the ground and said, "tell me!"

Hana kept coughing and finally calmed down. She looked up at Kevin and said sarcastically, "it's too late! It was too late, Kevin! I'm afraid that she is asking for dying right now! "

As her words fading, Kevin's face became more gloomy, while Hana started to laugh loudly, "huh! That bitch finally got what she deserved!" she roared.

A hint of panic flashed through Kevin's face, but it quickly disappeared. With obvious disgust in his eyes, he said, "say it, the position of Lily!"

Just then, Sean's cell phone suddenly rang.

The assistant, who had been standing next to him, immediately picked it up, glanced at Kevin, and answered it.

A man's voice came from the other end of the line. "Hana, all things have been done. Where shall we go to get the money?"

With one hand holding the back of Hana's neck, Kevin kept one hand on it and threatened in a low voice, "calm them down, or..."

Hana knew exactly the meaning of the unfinished sentence. But she didn't care anymore.

Even if Kevin found Lily, she wouldn't be a virgin anymore.

"Okay. Send me the address in the warehouse where you kidnapped Lily." Hana kept her voice low, trying not to tremble.

She didn't know the background of these kidnappers, but she found them with a high price.

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