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   Chapter 29 Please Save My Daughter

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After tottering along the road for a long time, Holly finally saw a car in a deserted place and rushed forward for help.

"Save my daughter!" Regardless of how fast the car was coming, she stretched out her arms and stood in front of the car.

With a burst of sound of braking, the car almost stopped one millimeter away from Holly.

However, she didn't care. She rushed to the window of that man and said in a hurry, "please, save my daughter."

"What's wrong with Lily?" Kevin's assistant got out of the car in a hurry and helped her up.

Holly was stunned. She was not familiar with the man in front of her, but apparently he knew her daughter. "She... She was kidnapped. "

The assistant immediately put her into the car and asked in an instant, "Mrs. Wen, how did Lily get kidnapped?"

Although Holly didn't know the identity of the person, at present, the rescue was urgent. She didn't know the purpose of the kidnappers.

"When we came out of the hospital, we were surrounded by a group of reporters. Finally, the driver took us to a desolate place, and then I didn't know anything." Even if Holly remembered now, she still felt scared.

Her body couldn't help trembling. She held the assistant's hand tightly and said, "you must help me save my daughter."

"Don't worry. Mr. Qin has searched for Lily all over the city." The assistant gave the driver a hint and the driver turned around and drove towards the city.

It turned out that Kevin and Lily had made an appointment to pick up Holly and leave the hospital together. But he was interrupted by an important meeting on the way, so when he rushed to the hospital, Lily had already gone.

He thought that Lily had went back home with Holly, but when he arrived at home, he didn't find Lily. When he called her, nobody answered.

He didn't feel good. He located the mobile phone of Lily and found that the mobile phone in a wild place. But he didn't find that person.

The assistant wanted to know more details, but Holly stammered because she was flustered.

"Mr. Qin, I have found Lily's mother." The assistant calmed her down and quickly walked into Kevin's office.

At that time, a lot of people gathered in Kevin's office, including journalists and well-known police officers there.

"Where is she?" Kevin stood up directly, with anxiety looming between his eyebrows.

The assistant lowered his voice and said, "Lily's mother is having a rest now. She had a serious shocked."

"Take me there." He directly ordered.

Now even if someone told her to have a rest, Holly was still very anxious. She didn't know what they wanted to do to Lily and she couldn't calm down at all.

She anxiously walked back and forth in the lounge, wringing her hands with uneasiness. Her lips were slightly dry and looked a little pale.

"Kevin, you must save Lily!" Seeing Kevin walk out, Holly rushed to him and grabbed his sleeves tightly with her hands.

"Don't worry, mom." Kevin was still wearing a serious face. He frowned and sai

d worriedly, "I will save her. But you need to calm down first and tell me what happened."

"I don't know." Holly said with a sob, "who on earth my family offended? Why did our driver be a kidnapper?"

Gritting her teeth, she held on to Kevin's sleeves firmly and said, "even though our Wen family was bankrupted, we can't let anyone hurt my Lily like this."

"Driver?" Kevin sensitively grasped the key point of her words. He glanced at the assistant behind him and said, "so it's the driver who did it?"

"Yes!" Holly raised her head suddenly and looked at Kevin with hatred in her eyes. She gritted her teeth and said, "It was the driver who took us to a very desolate place. Then he rushed to us with a group of fierce men. And then... I don't know. "

How she wished she could hack the driver into pieces and drink his blood and murder him!

If something really happened to Lily, as her mother... Thinking of this, Holly closed her eyes in despair.

Kevin patted Holly's hand to comfort her and said in a low voice, "Mom, don't worry. I will save Lily!"

After saying that, he turned his head slightly and said coldly, "bring the driver who went out with Lily today!"

How could a spy around him!

"Yes, sir!" The assistant bowed his head and answered yes. Then he hurriedly walked out of the office.

But the driver had already run away and was nowhere to be found.

After he heard the news, Kevin coldly snorted and sternly said, "find him now!"

With just one word, all people not only started to search for Lily in the city, but also began to find a driver.

Finally, they found the driver on the Internet cafe in an alley.

Wearing leather shoes, Kevin walked to the shivering man who holding his head and asked, "tell me, where is Lily now?"

"I don't know. I really don't know." The driver put down his hand in a hurry and climbed to the foot of Kevin. He grasped his trousers leg tightly with one hand and said tremblingly, "Mr. Qin, please let me go. I was just tempted by money at that moment."

"Who told you to do this?" Kevin glanced at the driver indifferently as if he was looking at a dead person.

The driver's throat was caught all of a sudden, and the muscles in his face were slightly twitching. He then said, "Mr. Qin, I'll say, I'll tell you."

The thin sweat came out of his forehead, and his face turned pale. "I Will you let me go if I told you? "

Kevin coldly stared at him with a sneer, which seemed to laugh at this man who dared to bargain with him at the last moment.

"Mr. Mr. Qin. " The driver's frightened voice trembled and almost broke into pieces. "I Just wanted to make some money, and Besides, they said they wouldn't hurt Lily. "

"Tell me!" Kevin almost ground his teeth and spit out the last word. His power directly surrounded the driver.

The person was so frightened that he spat, "it's Hana!"

His body began to quiver. He looked at Kevin with the last hope and said, "Mr. Qin, I have told you already, can You let me... "

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