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   Chapter 28 Kidnapping

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In the quiet room, an attractive female voice suddenly sounded, "You did well. I will give you the money you deserve."

Lois looked at the man with satisfaction. She asked him to spread the news so that everyone could see the face of Lily!

"No problem. I know you won't own me the money." The man rubbed his hands and asked in a low voice, "but I want to know, is it true?"

"What?" Lois held up the glass, looked at him and frowned slightly. "Do you think what I said is not true?"

"No Of course not. " He swallowed hard and continued, "It's said that Mr. Qin has started to deal with this matter. If I'm the one to be found out I just want to know "

"Don't worry." "What I said is absolutely true," Lois said with a disdainful smile.

"That's good, that's good." The man was relieved, there was a rumor that Lily was kidnapped already.

Looking at him, Lois suddenly asked in silence, "How about Lily now?"

"Miss Wen..." The man wiped the sweat from his forehead. Finally, he gritted his teeth and said, "I heard she was missing."

Lois raised her eyebrows slightly and asked, "disappeared?" She suddenly wanted to laugh. She calmed down and asked, "really?"

"Yes. I heard that she disappeared after she was picked up her mother from the hospital." He licked his lips.

He didn't expect that he just spread some news, while it caused such damage for Lily. If Mr. Qin found out

"I see. Go ahead with your work." Lois smiled smugly. She definitely couldn't bare the pressure of public therefore she left Kevin. Good.

At this time, the woman who was rumored to be missing was curled up in an abandoned warehouse.

"Mom, are you there?" The kidnapper removed the black cloth on Lily's eyes. She looked for her mother in the dark.

Without any reply from her mother, Lily felt relieved.

But when she thought of the driver's words, she couldn't be optimistic. It was obvious that someone had deliberately done it.

Just then, the door of the warehouse, which had been closed, was suddenly opened by someone, giving out a glimmer of light.

"Eat!" A man said in a vicious voice.

Then, a bright light was lit up. She closed her eyes subconsciously. She didn't open her eyes until her eyes adapted to the light.

She saw several fierce looking guys staring at her angrily.

After taking a look at them, she managed to calm herself down. She controlled her voice and trembled. "Who are you? What is the purpose of kidnapping us?"

They looked at each other. One of them who was the leader said coldly, "don't bother. Just eat your food!"

"Listen to my brother. We won't let you suffer." The man next to her added.

With doubt, she asked, "didn't you ask for money? Didn't you kidnap me for money? "

If they didn't do that for money? Or they just did it for nothing? What's the point?

All of a sudden, the kidnappers seemed to be in a panic and lowered their voice.

"I still think she is quite pretty. Did Hana said that after we kidnapped her, we can do whatever we want?"

"I agree with you. H

ana said that indeed. Did we..."

The two people who were speaking showed some covetous expression on their faces.

"No way!" The leader kept his voice low and said in an unfriendly tone, "do you know who she is? How dare you? "

"Of... Of course I know. " The kidnapper was a little scared. "But I'm afraid that Kevin might not be able to track us down. "

"Humph! What if he find out? " The leader snorted coldly. He looked at everyone and warned, "no matter what Hana said, don't try to plot against me."

The two men who had been the first to speak swallowed and stopped talking.

Lily had been tried to hear their conversation clearly, but she only heard a few words. She wanted more, but because their voice was too low, she couldn't hear anything.

"Eat!" The kidnapper said fiercely.

The leader, who was in charge of the criminal group, noticed that Lily couldn't eat by herself since her hands was tied behind so he had to feed her personally.

After giving him a vigilant look, she still yielded to the situation and opened her mouth. "What on earth do you want?"

She took a mouthful of food and tried to ask.

If it was for money, Kevin would definitely pay it. But these people now kept their mouth shut.

The leader had indeed made up his mind not to talk to her. She stuffed the food into her mouth one by one.

Whatever Lily asked, they didn't answer. After feeding, they locked her up again.

There was nobody except Lily alone in the warehouse. It was dark around and without light, Lily got a little panicked. However, she still tried to cheer herself up and said, "Don't worry. My mother has been released. She will find a way to save me."

However, what she did not know was that after the kidnapper came out, he suddenly received a phone call.

"Hana, do you need anything else?" The leader asked respectfully.

If Lily was here, she would have heard the voice from the other end of the line.

Yes, she was Hana.

Hana was very satisfied with them. She said, "You can just do what I told you to do. And the most important thing is..."

She spoke slowly, and her voice fell on everyone's ears. "I want she is no longer a virgin! You must do that! "

Then she hung up the phone.

The kidnappers took a look at each other, and swallowed when they thought of Lily's pretty face. "See, Hana gave the order... How about we..."

He began to feel a little restless again, and the lust in his eyes could not wait.

"Fuck off!" The leader's face darkened. He scowled, "Kevin is wantonly searching for Lily. If we are caught, we can run away. But if she is... Do you think that Kevin can let go of us? "

The warning cooled everyone down.

"Then We just keep tied her? " Someone asked.

"Yes!" The leader thought for a while and said, "We can just earn the money for Hana. Otherwise, humph! Even if you get her today, she will come back to you one day. "

At this time, Holly who went out of hospital just now was so weak. However, she hung in there for asking help in this open field.

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