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   Chapter 26 I Am A Little Nervous

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The wedding was over. After Lily was warned by Kevin on the wedding, she was so nervous that she behaved very carefully until all the guests left. She was laying on the bed exhaustedly when Kevin came to find fault with her again.

"Lily." Kevin knelt one leg on the bed, bent over and looked right into Lily's eyes.

"What... What are you doing?" His imposing manner made Lily unable to move, so she asked him out of instinct in a nervous voice.

With one hand putting on the side of Lily's body, Kevin skillfully unbuttoned his shirt with the other hand.

Seeing Kevin's muscular chest, she couldn't help looking down at his hands, and her face was a little bit hot.

"What were you thinking at the wedding?" The voice of Kevin was deep and bewitching, resounding in Lily's ears.

It made Lily absent-minded for a while. She stared blankly at the seductive muscles in front of her and said, "of course I'm thinking how to save my father."

Being out of vigilance at the moment, Lily said unconsciously.

Kevin snorted coldly, and the aura around him suddenly changed. There was a faint coldness in his arrogance. "Do you take me as a fool?"

"No, I'm not!" Lily sobered this time. She moved her arm which was restricted all the time, and suddenly hissed—— the arm was numb.

Kevin coldly watched all the actions of Lily. He slightly raised his body, and the lust in his eyes turned into silence.

"You are also the same." The imposing manner oppressing on Lily relaxed a lot. Immediately, she leaned against the wall and raised her head stubbornly. She said deliberately, "you married me because of Lois, right?"

"Nope!" Kevin said coldly. He didn't want to say any more words.

Lily hesitated. After all, today was their wedding. She cleared her throat and said, "I'm sorry. It was just because..."

She looked at Kevin. Suddenly, she remembered her father's words in prison. She said with a look of desolation on her face, "you know that I suffered the blow from my family overnight..."

She swallowed the rest of her words. It was not that she didn't pay much attention to the wedding. It was only because that she was so preoccupied with thinking about how to save her father that she couldn't distract.

"Humph!" Kevin snorted and said disapprovingly in an indifferent voice, "I think you don't care about the existence of your rival in love at all."


Staring at Kevin silently, Lily suddenly didn't know what to say.

The rival in love... This word was sweet, if Kevin really liked her instead of regarding her as a substitute like what Courtney had said.

With a mischievous smile, Lily looked up at Kevin and said, "of course it's because I know you love me."

What a liar.

But her words made Kevin put on a satisfied smile on his lips which was pressed throughout the conversation.

Seeing that Kevin was obviously pleased, Lily was relieved, but she had a more complex feeling in her heart.

"Go to sleep!"

Kevin said directly with the satisfaction on his face flashed away.


Hearing his words, Lily dazed fo

r a moment. Then she looked at Kevin with hesitation, thinking how they would sleep together...

It was common for young people to be vigorous. But on the next day, Lily was too tired to get out of bed. She wanted to cry to death in bed.

Before leaving, Kevin gave a satisfied look at Lily who was still asleep, but she seemed to be a little uneasy.

In the company, Kevin saw a familiar figure as expected.

"What's up?" He looked at Lois indifferently and asked.

Lois walked closer and stood in front of Kevin, "Kevin, let's be together again."

"Be together again?" Kevin seemed to have heard a joke. He sniffed and asked, "Miss Bai, are you dreaming?"

Hearing Kevin's ironic words, Lois's arrogant heart sank all of a sudden. She looked at Kevin with an imperceptible trembling voice, "Kevin, I... I regret it. Please give me one more chance."

Kevin looked at Lois coldly without saying anything, as if he was looking at a clown.

Trying to suppress her fear, Lois looked at Kevin and said, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Kevin, I shouldn't have left you. There is no one in the world who loves me more than you."

Suddenly, Kevin sneered.

Lois became more uneasy. She smiled at Kevin and said, "Kevin, you agree with me, don't you?"

She moved closer in front of Kevin, stood on tiptoe and wanted to kiss him on his lips.

"Miss Bai, please behave yourself." With an unreadable expression in his eyes, Kevin said coldly.

Hearing his words, Lois stopped the movement. She looked at him stiffly and after a while, she raised her smile again and said, "Kevin... Kevin, are you mad at me?"

She grabbed Kevin's sleeve tightly like a drowning man clutched at a last straw. Her voice was obviously quivering. "Don't be angry. I really want to come back to you. I know... I know it was all my fault. I shouldn't have... Shouldn't have..."

Lois began to panic. She didn't dare to look up at Kevin's eyes, which would remind her...

"Lois." Kevin's voice was very calm, which made Lois feel terrified.

She finally raised her head and looked into Kevin's eyes. Kevin's eyes were cold and even terrifying, which made people felt like being in an ice cube when looking in.

"Kevin..." She felt uneasy in her heart, but she still hoped that Kevin could change his mind. So she asked, "you... Did you agree?"

"I'm married." With a hint of banter flashing in his eyes, Kevin's light voice rang in the bright office, "I have Mrs. Qin by my side."

The brief words had shown Kevin's attitude.

On the contrary, Lois was a little shocked with her eyes wide open. She stared at Kevin as if she didn't believe what she had heard. Then she took a step back and said, "I can still accompany with you."

"Be my mistress?" Kevin said disdainfully this time before Lois could finish her words.

The rest words were stuck in Lois's throat by Kevin's indifferent attitude, like a fishbone getting stuck in her throat, and her eyes were full of panic.

"You deserve it?" Kevin uttered the last sentence in a very low voice, which endlessly echoed in Lois's ear.

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