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   Chapter 25 She Has Been Cooperated All The Time

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Time flied and soon it was the time for the wedding. During this period, Lily was ordered by Kevin to try on the wedding dress and take wedding pictures.

She even had to get involved in the admission of the hotel. If Lily said something perfunctory, she would certainly receive the deep gaze from Kevin.

Since Kevin always be dominated. She dared not hesitate at all.

With all of these, she didn't expect the wedding at all. She just wanted to finish it as soon as possible so that she could relief.

Moreover, her father had been locked up in the jail, which had made Lily very nervous and exhausted. She had been thinking about how to save her father.

Generally speaking, girls have premarital phobia, but not Lily.

In the morning, she was dragged up early to do her make-up and waited for Kevin to pick her up. During putting on her make-up, Lily constantly yawned.

When Kevin came in, he saw how listless Emily was, which made his face darken up at once.

Lily quickly straightened her clothes and made her expression look as happy as she could. Then Kevin's expression turn better.

Church was the best in the city. The priest was invited by Kevin from abroad who even didn't speak fluent Chinese.

"Now, I declare that Mr. Qin and Miss Wen are husband and wife. Is there anyone who objects?"

As the final episode came to an end, Lily heaved a sigh of relief. Now she could take a break.

"I object!"

Suddenly, a charming and decisive voice came through the door of the church.

Lily's heart sank when she saw a beautiful figure walking gracefully toward them.

There was a gentle and leisurely smile on Lois's face. The arrogance on her face showed that she was determined to get it.

"I object!" When she walked up to them, she repeated it. She glanced at Lily critical and smiled slightly. Then she turned to Kevin with some disdain. "Kevin, is this the actress you hired?"

An actress?

Lois's behavior made Lily want to yawn again. It seemed that Lois had misunderstood something.

But she didn't worry at all, because Kevin would definitely deal with it. What's more, instead of worrying about Lois, she should worry about how to save her father.

Kevin slightly knitted his eyebrows. He was dressed in a tight suit, which made he looked more sexy. The moment Lois approached him, she felt that he was very arrogant. He asked, "what are you doing here?"

The tone was almost ruthless and cold, like a blade, as if to cut her off.

Lois's smile did not disappeared in the slightest, and she just quietly stared at Kevin, with a hint of feminine shyness appearing on her face, "Kevin, don't you want to lure me out? And now I'm coming, to this wedding... "

She looked around, and at last let her disdainful eyes settle upon Lily. She said indifferently, "it's time to end it, isn't it?"

Kevin squinted and threw a sharp glance at Lois. "If you are here to congratulate me, welcome. But if it is something else, I have to ask you to go out."

His words sounded very po

lite. Lily cast a pitiful glance at Lois. Did she still believe that Kevin loved her?

Tsk...Who do you thought Kevin is.

No matter how much he love the woman, he finally felt disgusted with a woman who leave over and over again.

"Kevin..." At this moment, Lois began to be a little flustered. She looked at the serious look on Kevin's face and said, "I'm already here. There is no reason for this farce to go on."

"Who told you it was a farce?" Kevin coldly looked at Lois. In a low voice, he said clearly word by word, "Lois, if you keep doing this, I have to ask you to leave."

"No way!" Finally, Lois went crazy. She grabbed Kevin's sleeves tightly and said in a panic, "how could you marry someone else? You promised me that you would marry me. It has only been a long time since then."

Kevin said coldly, "it seems that Miss Bai is not my guest."

He glanced at the bodyguards standing on both sides.

With Kevin's permission, the bodyguard surely moved forward actively and pulled Lois up, "I'm sorry, Miss Bai."

They also knew that Lois was one of the most popular actress at present, so their behavior let Lois had no preparation at all.

"Kevin!" Lois was still unwilling to give up. Her usual calm face was full of panic. "How can you do this to me? You promised me, you promised me that we..."

She didn't finish her words, because the bodyguard covered her mouth with Kevin's order.

The wedding had invited a lot of reporters and media. When Lois showed up, they were all eager to see how what's going on next.

No one said anything in the church.

Isn't it a breaking news for the CEO of Qin group's wedding was sabotaged? Who don't want this breaking news? But with surprise, Lois was too weak to against Kevin. As soon as she appeared, she was failed.

At this moment, all the people raised their cameras and recorded Lois's embarrassed figure in a flash.

Even if they couldn't get any news about Kevin, it's also attractive to have a breaking news with headline of the bride snatch event about a popular star Lois.

Lily had been waiting to see what was going on between them. She had thought that Lois might have some trump cards up her sleeve, but it turned out that she was easily failed by Kevin.


"Go on!" Kevin said in a low voice. He was very angry because someone interrupted his wedding. A chill ran down everyone's spine.

Lily felt the same way.

The words about "it's so unreasonable" of priest swallowed in silence because of Kevin's temperament.

When Lily's finger was put into the ring by Kevin, it became slightly red because of his rude action.

"Ouch!" She said loudly.

However, Kevin moved close to her ear and said fiercely, "What are you thinking about during the whole wedding? You are so screw up!"

Lily was completely confused. She blinked her eyes confusedly and looked very aggrieved.

What did it have to do with her? It was Lois who made a drama at the wedding. She had been cooperating with him all the time.

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