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   Chapter 24 Purposely Concealing The Past

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The thought made Lily depressed again. When she turned her head to look out of the window, her phone rang.

"What's up?" Lily was upset so her voice was low when she picked up the calling from Kevin.

Kevin could tell that Lily was in a bad mood easily. He frowned and asked, "where are you?"

"Outside." She wanted to say she was in prison, but when she thought of her father's attitude towards him, she deliberately concealed it.

Kevin pressed his thin lips together. He was not in a hurry to ask since he knew that Lily had hidden something from him. He ordered, "come to the wedding dress store in half an hour."

"What for ." In fact, she was not in the mood to think about the wedding at all. Heard what he said, she suddenly realized something and immediately changed the way she spoke. "Okay, give me the address."

There were so many wedding dress shops. How could she know which one?

Kevin directly hung up the phone.

Kevin suddenly hung up the phone which made Lily more depressed. She rolled her eyes at Kevin in her heart.

Soon she received a message from Kevin telling her the address of the bridal shop.

It must be Kevin to take her to try on the wedding dress.

To her surprise, before she entered the bridal shop, she saw Hana and Michael who were in the next clothing shop when she passed by.

Through the glass window, Lily couldn't hear what they were talking about. She only saw that Michael shook off Hana's hand with impatience and frowned. Obviously, he disliked Hana.

Hana looked at him in shock and disbelief. After he threw her away, she moved closer to him with a forced smile.

Once again, he got rid of Hana and took two steps straightly out of the fashion shop.

Being afraid of being discovered, Lily immediately ran into the wedding dress shop, but she was not in a hurry to find Kevin. Instead, she hid nervously behind a plastic model, and indistinctly heard the conversation between Hana and Michael.

"How many times do I have to repeat? We are done!" Michael's face was full of impatience. He shook away Hana's hand directly, with a look of disdain.

Hearing that, Hana's hand froze in the air. Looking at her empty hand, she grasped her own hand tightly. Shocked and helpless, she asked, "why? Is it because of what I did wrong, Michael? I can change. "

Michael smiled disdainfully and looked at Hana coldly, "do you really think that I love you so much?"

Hana's face turned pale and looked terrible. She begged, "Please, Michael To be with you, I have broken up with Lily. "

"It's because of Lily!" Gritting his teeth, Michael gave a disdainful glance at Hana and continued, "never come to me again."

Hiding behind the model, Lily heard it clearly. She touched her own nose in confusion, not knowing what it had to do with herself.

"Is because of Lily, right?" Hana's imposing manner vanished instantly. "As expected, you still love Lily, right?" she asked.

'Why is Lily so important? Why does he still love

her since her family has bankrupted.

Michael snorted and looked at Hana with disgust, "now, no matter who I love has nothing to do with you! and! It's because of you. If it wasn't you, I wouldn't... "

When he thought about how much damage Kevin had done to the Cheng family, and how his father forced him to break up with Hana, his hatred of Lily deepened.

But right now, Lily is Kevin's wife, and he could do nothing to her.

Again, he took a deep look at Hana. Unfortunately, after this thing, he could have a chance to stay with her for a while.

Michael was very clear about choice between his future and women.

"Is it because of Lily! She must have done something to you, right? " Hearing what he said, Hana asked.

Without any mood to continue the conversation with Hana, he simply said, "I have nothing to do with you from now on."

After saying that, he left without even looking at Hana.

Hearing this, Hana stood still and stared at the backs of Michael quietly. She clenched her fists.


Apparently, it was a good news to witness the episode. Lily's depression was swept away immediately. A triumphant smile appeared on her face as she walked briskly towards the bridal shop.

"Too late." Kevin didn't look well, either. He was sitting on the top seat with his head lowered, and the people around him dared not to breathe.

Since Lily was in a good mood, she didn't mind seeing Kevin's angry face. She went up and gave him a kiss on his cheek and said, "is that okay?"

After the kiss, she blinked her eyes, and a cunning look flashed through her eyes.

The expression on Kevin's face changed so quickly that it could be seen by the naked eyes. He tied not to smile.

Seeing that he looked better again, Lily was finally relieved.

She began to turn around in the shop, "which one did you choose for me?"

As for wedding, Kevin was more active than Lily. Therefore, Lily didn't care about it and all decisions made by Kevin about the wedding.

Of course, she will count on him.

Kevin was in a better mood and nodded to a shop assistant. Soon two shop assistants took out a well cut wedding dress from inside.

"The wedding dress..." Lily was surprised. She fumbled the diamond scattered on the wedding dress and said, "it's so expensive."

The dotted diamonds were just a few. But the style of the wedding dress didn't look like parvenu.

On the other hand, Kevin's lips curled into a satisfied smile. He looked at Lily and said, "How could my wedding be simple."

From him, there was a faint aura of arrogance. Lily glanced at him and nodded silently.

'That's right. After all, it's his wedding. He is the one who asks for the best in everything.' with this thought, Lily realized that the wedding was not specially prepared for her.

However, she was very proud to be able to wear such a wedding dress.

She just wanted to satisfy her vanity. After Kevin was tired of her, she didn't have such special treatment anymore.

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