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   Chapter 23 You Can't Marry Kevin

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Lois was just too confident.

The crystal TV in the living room was broadcasting the news that Kevin and Lily were getting married. The expression on her cold face was still the same as before.

With a click, the paper cup in her hand was crushed by Lois. She clenched her teeth and refused to believe, "no way!"

How could Kevin let her go so soon?

"No way! It's impossible! " In a panic, Lois poured herself another glass of water, but she didn't drink it, instead, she threw it to the ground fiercely.

Because of anger, Lois's chest heaved violently.


Suddenly, she calmed down and looked at the face which she was very familiar with on the TV.

"Kevin, that's a good way to lure me out." Lois said firmly with a smile on her lips.

She took a deep breath to calm down. Taking out her cell phone from her handbag, she looked at the familiar number and dialed it proudly.

The phone rang for a while before she picked it up.

"What's up?" Kevin's tone was cold and impatient. There was no surprise as Lois had imagined.

But that's right. After all, it's Kevin who has always been like this.

"I heard that you are going to get married? Congratulations! " Lois said lightly on purpose, indicating that she didn't care about him at all.

Kevin was dealing with his business at that time. When he heard the irrelevant question, he lowered his head and replied in a colder voice, "yes"

He said nothing else.

It was different from what Lois's thought, but she was a popular star, so she had always been calm. Lois smiled and said, "your fiancée is good-looking, although she is not as good as me."

Kevin snorted and became more silent, "and then?"

The rest of her words were covered by the words Kevin said. She held the cup tightly and said sarcastically: "your taste is as bad as before."

"Really?" Kevin remained unmoved and his attitude was more perfunctory. He said in a moderate and stable voice, "does it have anything to do with you?"

Lois had thought that Kevin would say something to ask her to stay. It never occurred to her that he would say these things in silence.

For a moment, Lois was speechless.

"Don't lie to yourself, Kevin! You still have me in your heart! " "Come on, Kevin. Just admit it."

As if he had heard a joke, Kevin chuckled, slightly adjusted his sitting posture and leisurely leaned back in the chair. "Lois, where did you get the courage?"

How ridiculous! As the CEO of Qin group, how could he be so inconsiderate for a woman?

Lois's face turned pale in an instant, but she was still unwilling to accept the truth. "Isn't it true? Otherwise, why are you going to get married in such short time? You just want to find someone to erase every trace of me in your life, don't you? "

The mockery on Kevin's face became more obvious. He said in a sarcastic tone over the phone, "Lois, who do you think you are?"

'Do you really think that I can't live without a woman?'

Lois suddenly stopped speaking. She looked at Kevin and s

aid in a slightly trembling voice, "Don't lie to yourself. You can't let me go."

"The farce is over here." Kevin directly hung up the phone, as he didn't have the patience to continue talking with Lois.

"Kevin..." Listening to the beep sound from the phone, Lois's face suddenly grew pale.

It's all fake!

She threw the phone on the wall fiercely. The phone that was delicately packaged suddenly cracked, as if it was torn into pieces.

"Kevin! You must be lying to me. It's impossible! How could you forget me? " Lois was confident of her own charm.

However, she underestimated Kevin all the time.

At the same time, Lily went to the prison to visit her father alone.

Across the bullet proof glass, Lily looked at her father, whose temples had already been stained with a pale color.

"Father..." She came here to inform her father of the news of marriage.

It was a pity that her father couldn't appear in her wedding, although her marriage was not like what she had dreamed of marrying someone she liked.

"Hey, Lily, you are thinner." Haber looked at Lily with affection.

Lily held up a pale smile, "Dad, I'm going to marry Kevin."

"Marry Get married? " Haber seemed to be startled by the news. He looked at her in shock and flustered. "No, Lily. Listen to me. You can't marry Kevin."

"Why not?" She lowered her eyes and explained, "Dad, he helped me when I was alone, actually he is ... Not bad. "

"No way! I will never agree! " Haber changed his attitude and said coldly, "Lily! If you marry Kevin, you will never have me as your father! "

With an injured expression, she called out, "Dad..." She asked in a hoarse voice, "why?"

Last time, she had wanted to tell her father that they had gotten their marriage licenses. That had been the attitude of her father. She had hesitated and dared not tell her father about it

With his chest heaving violently, Haber said in a rough voice, "anyway! Anyway, you can't be with him! "

"Okay," Seeing the excited expression on her father's face, Lily managed to stabilize his emotion for the time being. "I'll do whatever you say. I'll listen to you," she said.

"Lily." After his emotion was over, Haber suddenly thought of something. He looked at Lily sympathetically and said, "I know you're having a hard time. It will be much easier to have Kevin to help you, but Alas... "

Seeing her father's hesitant tone, she paused and asked, "but what?"

"Pay more attention to him." Haber had no evidence to investigate Kevin's whereabouts, so he didn't make it clear.

Looking at her father's serious expression, Lily suddenly had some confusion. She said dully, "well Okay. "

After leaving the prison, Lily devoted herself to studying father's words. There must be a reason for him to say so.

But why didn't he tell her?

It's because that she still need Kevin in her side to help her?

With full of confusion, Lily got into the car. She had planned to announce the good news, but now She wouldn't tell her father.

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