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   Chapter 22 Why Did You Announce Our Marriage In Front Of The Media

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"No comment on others." Kevin avoid to talk the topic anymore.

The crowd got the result and had a good news, so they didn't ask more and left.

Courtney wanted to escape.

But under the man's gaze, she could only stand still obediently and let the person sent by Kevin send her back to the Qin family and guarded her.


The next second, Lily was carried into the car by Kevin.

Looking at his handsome face, she was confused. How come this man announced their marriage to the media in such a way? Why didn't he give her a little bit mental preparation?

After they got home, Kevin felt who was standing behind him, felt dissatisfied. Kevin massaged between his eyebrows, turned around the neckline of the marathon and said, "what do you want to say?"

After struggling all the way, Lily was impatient and said, "you Why did you announce our marriage in front of the media? "

"What? Can't I do that? " Kevin raised his eyebrows.

Frowning, she pinched her fingers awkwardly.

"We've got the marriage certificate. Of course I can announce it. Since you want to make it public, you should at least tell me? Announced it without tell me... " After a pause, her eyes suddenly became a little surprised. "Did you hire those entertainment reporters?"

Kevin raised his eyebrows and looked at Lily who is smart.

He then leaned forward and cornered the angry woman.

Then he pinched her chin and said coldly, "I don't have time to do such thing."

Looking at the man's enlarged face in front of her, Lily held her breath. She wanted to get rid of his control and asked, "then why..."

"I want to ask you why." Before she could finish her words, Kevin said, "Why don't you run away since you got into trouble? Why didn't you call for help? Do you like to act like a hero? "

Hearing the three questions in succession, Lily could not help but frown. Somewhat irritably, she turned her face and whispered, "How could I know I would be blocked And even if I screamed for help, but at that time... "

"What?" Kevin raised his voice and almost pressed his whole body on Lily.

Feeling the man's blazing breath, Lily's scalp tingled, "I know, I will run away if I get into some trouble next time! If I can't run away, I will ask someone to save me! "

"Whom are you looking for?"

Whom? Her mind went blank, but when she saw the slightly dangerous look in Kevin's eyes, she immediately replied without thinking, "you! "I will looking for you!"

As soon as her voice fell, she felt she could breathe again.

Staring at him with innocent eyes, she thought, 'this man is too dominated.'

Since her gaze was so bright that Kevin turned around again. But this time, his expression was not as cold as before. "I don't like the feeling of losing control."

Not knowing whether it was her illusion or not, Lily sensed a hint of agitation from his words.

So during the dinner, even though the man had turned his poker face back, she still asked him, "You said you don't like the feeling of losing control of things. Do you think that you can control those people to keep me away by announcing our marriage to the media?"

Kevin picked up a small piece of steak and put it into Lily's bowl, and then continued to eat.

After a while, seeing that the man had no intention to talk to her, Lily pouted and bowed her head to eat.

Two seconds later, Kevin said calmly, "at least, they need to think about whether they have the abilit

y to touch my woman."

Hearing this, the chopsticks in her hand paused and she blinked eyes. Then she continued to eat without raising her head. But for some reason, she felt a little hot on her cheeks.

In the house of the Qin family.

After Courtney was locked in her room, she was so fierce that she smashed several of her favorite vases with anger, Courtney locked herself in her room.

"Mr. Qin told you not to go out. Miss, please rest at home these days."

"What Call Kevin over here! "

What responded to her was the servant locking the door.

Courtney was so angry that she couldn't go out or contact people outside.

She smashed several vases in anger!

She racked her brains but couldn't figure out where those entertainment journalists came from. She thought that she would probably become the laughingstock of others today.

Her admiration for her cousin over the years would be magnified infinitely and even become a scandal! 'Did Lily design all these? To embarrass her in public? Just to expose her feelings to Kevin?

That's right! It must be so! In order to protect Lily, her brother had to announce the marriage thing to draw the attention of the public. It seemed that they were all set up by the woman named Lily!

Courtney then jumped out of the bed and took out a notebook from her own cupboard. She turned to the last page and dialed the number with the series of numbers recorded at the end of the page.

A few seconds later, someone answered the phone.

"Hello, who's that?"

A soft voice came from the other end of the line. Hearing that, Courtney's heart trembled a little. "Hey, Lois, It's me, Courtney."

When Lois received a call from Courtney, she was at an audition at a film set, as a popular actress. When she received a call from her ex-boyfriend's sister, she felt a little impatient.

"I have something urgent to deal with right now. If you have anything, you can tell my assistant or call me later." She was about to hang up.

"Lois! My brother is getting married! " Courtney didn't think too much and shouted.

Hearing that, Lois's hand trembled slightly and put the phone near her ear again. "Is it true?"

Courtney nodded her head desperately, "yes! My brother is completely fascinated by that woman of the Wen family. This news has just been announced in front of the media today! "

'Wen family? Who?

Frowning, Lois thought, 'is it the Wen family who has gone bankrupt in the news?'

The name of lady of Wen family seemed to be 'Lily?

However, she chuckled, "I don't believe you."

"You also know how much your brother loved me in the past. He was a cold man. But once he fell in love with me, he would not easily let it go. So I don't believe that he would fall in love with another woman in a year."

"But..." Courtney wanted to say something, but was interrupted.

"Even if he's really going to have a wedding, then Is just to attract my attention. Well, I have something to deal with now. We can talk another day. " She was about to hang up.

Attract her attention? Courtney looked at the screen of her cell phone in a daze. Kevin's photo was still on it.

She bit her lips, "you will regret if you don't stop my brother!"

What responded her was the beep from the phone.

Courtney gritted her teeth angrily. If Lois was really so confident, she would not have been separated from her brother for so many years.

All in all, now Kevin was going to marry Lily!

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