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   Chapter 21 The Lightning Marriage

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Hana took the opportunity to get close to Courtney. She glanced at her phone and laughed, "Your bank cards are frozen. Don't deceive yourself." She took out a bank card from her pocket and pushed it slightly to the girl's eyes. "You'd better give me that her phone number, so that you won't get hurt no longer."

"Do you approach me just to get in touch with Lois?" Courtney was stunned for a moment and then asked, "you know that she and my brother..."

Courtney stopped saying the rest of the words. She dared not to mention that Lois was a taboo at home.

Hearing that, Hana chuckled slightly. As a smile spilled over her eyes, she said, "You are not too stupid. In fact, Lily is more powerful than you. You can't defeat her. Don't waste your energy." Then she turned around and left.

'I'm not even able to defeat Lily? With that card in her hand, Courtney clenched her teeth and thought to herself, 'let's just wait and see!'!

Two days later, Lily went back to the hospital to explain to her mother the fact that rumors were spreading all over the Internet. After hearing the truth, Holly's eyes were a little red and she held her daughter's hand, unable to speak. "My dear daughter, you have been wronged It's all my fault. I'm so useless... "

Pretending to be unhappy, she patted her mother on the hand. She complain, "Look at you! You did it again. The doctor has said that you should keep a good mood. Otherwise, I will be scolded! Don't cry! "

"Okay, okay, I won't cry." As Holly wiped her tears, she continued, "don't worry. I will be fine. I will take good care of myself. I won't let my daughter alone."

A smile crept over on her face. Lily then left the hospital after having a short chat with her mother.

However, she didn't expect that as soon as she walked out of the hospital, she was stopped by several gangsters.

Looking at the group of ruffians with yellow and green hair, Lily frowned and said, "I only have hundreds of cash with me. If it is not enough, I can withdraw money from nearby bank, and I won't call the police."

"Hundreds of dollars? I'm not a beggar! " The red haired man with a cigarette in his mouth said scornfully. "Mrs. Qin is more than just a few hundred pieces of property, is she?"

Mrs. Qin? Narrowing her eyes, she speculated that someone must have made a plot to block her way. "Was it Courtney who asked you to come?"

As these words came out, apparently, Lily noticed that the men were stunned. It seemed that she were right.

She snorted, "Maybe she is peeping at someone in a corner? You are a coward who only can hide. "

"Bullshit!" As soon as she finished speaking, a familiar voice came to her ears. She turned to look at the well-dressed girl, but her words and clothes made her look extremely sarcastic.

Irritated by the taunt in Lily's eyes, Courtney stood up and said, "What are you waiting for? How could these men be afraid of a woman? Come on! I'll take the responsibility! Teach her a lesson! "

Speaking of which, because of being younger than others, Lily was pressed by her father to learn Taekwondo when she was a child. He said that even if his family members were beaten outside, they had to fight back. Therefore, she was not scared of these punks.

But her fists were no match for four men's. she could handle two men, but she didn't cons

ider the sneak attacks of others. She was seized by the two carelessly. Alarmed by the situation, she raised her head suddenly and saw a iron bar flying straight towards her in the air. She had to close her eyes helplessly.

If she got hit, she would have to bleed.

But the next second.

The expected pain did not come, but two cries of pain sounded in the ears, and she fell into a slightly cold embrace. Surprised, she opened her eyes and saw a familiar face.

The man was wearing a well tailored, black suit. His handsome face was now covered with a layer of frost.

Kevin coldly looked at these people. His gloomy face and cold demeanor made people dare not approach him!

"Are you okay?" The man directly helped her up, with no temperature on his face.

Lily shook her head.

But when he looked down at her wrists which were slightly red and some wounds on her body, he paused. His face suddenly turned more serious.

Then he raised his head.

"You're getting bolder! Courtney!"

His tone was calm, but in Courtney's ears, she suddenly trembled and looked extremely scared.

She had never seen her cousin stare at her like that!

"I I just want to teach her a lesson. Who let her bully me? "

Terror and sadness filled her eyes. She gritted her teeth, "and you Do you still care about me? You know how much I love you... "

"You are my cousin." Before she finished her words, the man interrupted her and ignored her. He ordered his men, "come here and take Courtney back. She is not allowed to go out without my order!"

"Brother, you can't do this to me..."

Courtney wanted to protest against him, but Kevin directly picked up Lily up and turned around, leaving her an indifferent back.

"Why Kevin! "

Just at this moment, a burst of footsteps suddenly sounded from somewhere. Courtney was stunned, and a dark shadow camera appeared out of nowhere. She was immediately engulfed by the harsh flashes and a series of questions.

"May I know your relationship with the CEO of Qin group?"

"Who is the lady behind the CEO? Lovers? "

"Miss, is this a instigation for fighting?"

Lily was also shocked by these people who suddenly appeared, but she found that the man in front of her had been holding her and had no intention to put her down.

But Courtney was flustered. How could it be possible? She didn't call these people over. What should she does?

She looked at Kevin for help.

The man was expressionless, and the coldness around him kept the reporters away from Lily. With his bodyguards protecting him, Lily wasn't affected at all.

Seeing that they couldn't get any answer from Courtney, all the reporters turned to them.

"The lady in Mr. Qin's arms..."

Slightly nervous, she attempted to free herself from his arms.

Kevin gave the woman in his arm a reassured look, then he said with a slight smile, "She is my wife, Lily. We will hold our wedding in three months. And welcome to the party with the invitation card."

Kevin's words made everyone present, including Lily, stunned. How could he announce their marriage now?

It was quiet for a while before the reporter came to his senses.

"Really? Your wedding date has been settled, and can you accept our live streaming or interview... "

"How long have you known each other? Is this a lightning marriage? !"

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