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   Chapter 20 Fight

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"Let me go! Let me go, Lily! This is hospital! What are you doing? " Being dragged by Lily, who was a head taller than her, Courtney was ashamed and annoyed. Her loud shouting attracted the attention of all the people present.

Lily waved her hand and let go of her. "You know we are in a hospital! What are you going to do when you irritate a patient who needs rest with your dirty words? You shouted and played a fancy show, then you asking me what I want to do?"

She was slightly shocked by what Lily said. Hearing the accusations from the people around her, she clenched her teeth and said, "Who acted in front of people? I'm telling the truth! It's the mother's mistake that her daughter did something wrong! Look at what you had done. If you afraid of people's gossip then don't...... Ah! "

However, she screamed before she finished her words.

Covering her stinging face, Courtney was stunned and shouted, "How dare you hit me! You bitch, you're always fooling around and even a gigolo. How dare you beat me! ?" Lily raised her hand and was about to slap Lily.

"Yes. It's the mother's fault. Since you don't have a mother, as her sister-in-law, I have to teach you for her!" With that, she slapped across Courtney's face again.

She was so furious that she slapped on Courtney's face with all her strength. Two palm marks suddenly appeared on her face. She looked so pitiful. Even the people around them were shocked by what a vicious woman she was.

The nurses and security guards who came to the ward heard the noise and were stunned. "This is a hospital. You can't solve your personal problem here. The patients need to rest and we have the right to ask you out!"

Lily took a deep breath and bowed to them apologetically. "I'm sorry. No one teach this children good manner. But I won't let such a thing happen again. I'm so sorry to bother you."

Seeing that Lily was so sincere, the noisy girl was indeed "educated" by her. The nurse and security only gave her a few words of advice and then left.

Lily then sent them away with an excuse and calmed herself down. When she turned around, she saw that Courtney had been so angry a second ago, but now she collapsed on the ground the next second. Tears ran down her cheeks, making her unable to catch her breath. Surprised, she turned around and saw Kevin who looked a little stunned.

His face was as gloomy as ink. He just came here and did not want to see it.

Then he strode to his wife and turned to look at Courtney, who was sitting on the ground.

Her hair was in a mess and her eyes were red. What made her more eye-catching were the two red fingerprints on the face. Kevin frowned and stared at her in a heavy mood.

"What happened?"

Courtney was waiting for him to say this. When she was about to speak, she was interrupted by Lily.

"I did that."

Hearing this, Kevin looked at her and said, "well, why are you so angry?"

Hearing that Kevin was just caring about Lily, Courtney became unhappy and said, "Brother! I was the one who was beaten. Why do you only care about her? It's me who has kept you company for so many years, it's not her ?" At the end of her words, she couldn't help but raise her voice again.

Lily cast a warning glance at her, which made Courtney shut up immediately. 'My face is still sore' she thought!

Seeing that Kevin didn't intend to comfort Courtney, but looked at her coldly and sa

id, "since you have the courage to make trouble in the hospital, you must be prepared to take the consequences."

"Brother! How could you say that... "

'I was the one who was beaten, and I was also the one who was bullied. How could he still stand by the side of Lily?'!

Kevin said coldly, "have you forgotten what I have taught you? The elders in our family really spoiled you Go back and think about it! "

Upon hearing this, Courtney can't help crying immediately. With disappointment and sadness in her eyes, she asked, "why? Why did you change so much since this bitch appeared? She is just a woman from a poor family and a gigolo... "

Courtney was about to speak out what she had planned. But when she saw the cold eyes of Kevin, she couldn't go on. She choked for a while and then continued, "I Hate you! "

Then she cried and ran away.

Seeing that there was no fun, people around were go away. After the surrounding calmed down, Lily then looked at the man beside her, squeezing out an ugly smile. "It's my fault, and..."

"You don't have to apologize. She deserves it." Kevin interrupted her words, Hearing the man's words, Lily was choked with sobs. She wanted to express her gratitude, but before she could say it, the man disagreed and shook his head.

"How is your mother now?" Kevin asked in a different tone.

Talking about this, she narrowed her eyes and showed some tiredness on her face. "The doctor said she needs to have a good rest and can't be stimulated anymore."

Hearing her words, Kevin nodded and immediately ordered, "Send someone to guard the hospital. No one is allowed to visit it except Mrs. Qin and me."


After sending Emily home, Jean went back to her car. The warmth in her eyes disappeared all of a sudden. She dialed a number and said in a cold voice, "freeze Miss Emily's credit card, send someone to keep watch on her all the time and report to me if anything goes wrong."

On the other side, after getting out of the hospital, Courtney was so angry that she asked her friends to go to the bar. But she did not expect that not long after she received the news that the credit card sent by the bank was frozen. Courtney's face immediately darkened. "Lily, such a bitch!"

Her reaction made everyone around her stunned. At this time, a woman with exquisite makeup slowly walked over with a glass of whiskey on her hand, but her face was wearing a smile of schadenfreude and even disdain.

"What? Your dear brother taught you a lesson? "

Hearing the voice, Courtney suddenly raised her head and was about to scold, but when she saw who it was, the meaning of what she said changed. "Why are you here?"

With her half squinting eyes, Hana glanced at the men and women surrounding her and thought, 'what a useless little girl!' However, she said with opposite way, "Actually, I found out that my ally had troubles and I came to rescue you."

Heard this, Courtney's face became even more gloomy, "You have already known everything?"

"I guessed," Hana waved her hand, pretending not to care about it. "After all, in your brother's eyes, his sister who has lived together with him for many years is not as important as a woman he has just known."

"But you In his heart, you are nothing compared to her. "

"Nonsense!" Hearing what she said, Courtney immediately got nervous. She didn't believe that. Kevin was not that kind of person!

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