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   Chapter 19 This is My Wife, Lily

Irrational But Obsessional By Ning Ruoshui Characters: 6899

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The next two days passed peacefully, but what happened in the coffee shop was still lingering in Lily's mind. Her intuition told her that it would not be so simple.

As expected, a call broke the silence before the storm. "Lily, look at the Internet! Something happened!"

After hanging up the phone, Lily looked serious. She opened the website and saw a capitalized red headline which read: a rich lady was exposed having an affair with another man.

When Lily clicked in, her face became paler. In the front photo, a man and a woman were very close to each other. The woman held the man's wrist, as if she wanted to whisper in his ear. What made people blush was that the man's hand was like placing on the woman's hip!

Seeing that the woman in the photo was obviously her, a faint of anger flashed through Lily's eyes. It was obvious that someone deliberately put this photo on the Internet to guide the public opinion.

It probably aimed to use the public opinion to deal with her.

Lily continued to browse the comments. As she expected, many people commented on her badly.

"Wow! How disgusting! Is she really from a rich family? Her taste is so unique!"

"What the hell? That man is the gigolo in xx bar, isn't he? Isn't that woman from the Wen family? What nonsense rich lady is she?"

"Maybe she can only release her desire when her position falls down."

"I heard that Miss Wen has a fiance. Is this photo a fake one?"

"Bullshit! Which man will dare to have a mistress like that? She must have been dumped!"

Occasionally there were one or two persons doubting if the photos were fake or not, the comments was soon drowned by abuse. Lily sneered. Without thinking, she knew that it must be Hana who had done such a dirty trick.

It was easy to clarify the rumour, as long as she published the video of that day...

However, when she arrived at the shop and learned that the videos in the shop had been taken away by someone not long ago, Lily realized that there was probably not only Hana involved in this matter, because this shop was under the control of the Qin family.

Could it be Courtney?

Lily squinted. Just as she walked out of the cafe, she got a call from Fiona. "You and Kevin have to come back tonight." She hung up the phone before Lily could respond.

The dissatisfaction in Fiona's tone was difficult for Lily to ignore. It seemed that her guess was right. After sending a message to Kevin, Lily stopped a taxi and went to Qin family's mansion. She would like to see what trouble Courtney could make!

Before entering the gate of the Qin family, Lily heard that Courtney specially raised her voice.

"Aunt, thanks that your old friends didn't play micro-blog, otherwise my brother and our family's reputation would be ruined by that woman called Lily!"

With a smile on her face, Lily walked up to them and said to Fiona, "aunt."

Courtney, of course, caught a glimpse of the figure of Lily, who had deliberately said that just now. When she saw that Lily ignored her, she shouted, "Hey, you're finally here. Have you thought about how to explain those things to us?"

After hearing her, Lily turned around and said, "oh? Why should I explain myself?"

"Aunt, look at her!" Courtney shouted as if she had discovered a new land. "She did admit, but she is not going to explain to us!"

Hearing this, Lily rubbed her ear and continued, "whose dog is it? Its bark makes my ea

rs hurt." Then she said to Fiona, "aunt, shall we go in and have a talk?"

"Who are you calling a dog? Is this the character of the lady of the Wen family! ?" With arms akimbo, Courtney said angrily.

How dare she say such a word like that?

Casting a glance at her, Lily grinned and said, "don't yell at me."

"You!" Courtney raised her voice and was to argue with Lily, but Fiona stopped her.

"Let's get inside, Lily." Fiona said as she walked into the room.

She had heard a lot from Courtney, but judging from the attitude of her daughter-in-law, she knew it would not be that simple.

Casting a disdainful glance at Courtney, whose face had turned red, Lily followed Fiona into the room.

Sitting down on the sofa, Fiona looked at Lily, who was self-composed, and said, "since Kevin has decided to be with you, I don't want to say anything more. There are things that should be dealt with, you should clean them up."

"You are right, aunt." Lily replied.

"Well," when Courtney came in and saw that Lily was obedient to Fiona, she couldn't help saying, "some people just do one thing before a man's face and another behind his back. To put it bluntly, they are ungrateful. I really feel sorry for my brother!"

Hearing this, Lily smiled and then turned around, with ridicule in her eyes. "It's not up to you whether it's worth it or not. What's more, you are just an outsider. Do you think you are qualified?"

"Lily! You..."

"Enough! That's enough!" Fiona was annoyed by her niece. "Can you be quiet for a while? When will Kevin come back, Lily?"

Lily was smart enough to face this situation. She turned around and said, "Kevin texted me that he will be back at 6:00 pm."

Fiona took a look at her and said, "Okay. You can go back after dinner." Then she went back to her room.

Seeing her aunt enter the room, Courtney's face immediately turned gloomy. She lowered her voice and said to Lily, "don't be complacent. Let's wait and see!"

Before Courtney could finish her words, however, she heard another gloomy voice, "don't think I don't know. You'd better control yourself. Otherwise, I can't guarantee that you can still stay in Qin family and stay with Kevin as the excuse of being his cousin here." Narrowing her eyes, she said coldly.

Courtney swallowed and tried to calm herself down. She argued, "I don't believe..."

"You can try." After saying that, Lily gave an evil smile and left her alone.

After that, from Kevin's back to their leaving after dinner, Courtney was somewhat absent-minded, so Lily slightly let it go. She didn't expect that something happen the next day.

When she arrived at the hospital, her mother's ward was surrounded by people, and doctors and nurses were all by her bed. Seeing this, Lily was in a panic and shouted, "doctor! doctor! How is my mother?"

The nurse who blocked people outside the curtain gave her an impatient stare. "The patient needs to keep a good mood, which is conducive to his recovery. The doctor has told you many times! How could you still allow these people to make trouble here?"

Being stunned, Lily turned her head and saw Courtney's frightened face. Instantly, her anxiety turned into anger. Courtney had gone too far!

Suppressing her anger, Lily learned from the doctor that her mother was in a stable condition and still needed to have a good rest. Then she grabbed Courtney's collar and dragged her out of the ward.

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