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   Chapter 18 How Are You Going To Compensate Me

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When Kevin got home, he found that he had underestimated how Lily took value about the accident.

He looked around and found her in front of a computer in the study, who was indulged in writing but forgot to eat and sleep.

However, when she heard the sound, she only raised her head and glanced at him. Waving her hand casually, she said, "you're back." Then she lowered her head and continued writing something.

Kevin raised his eyebrows and walked to her side, "are you reading the files?"

"Yes," Lily didn't realize the displeasure in the man's tone. "Although I did well in school, I couldn't understand the academic things in these files, such as..."

But before she could pass the documents to Kevin, the man turned coldly and said, "it's time for dinner." Then he strode out.

'what's wrong with him? Did someone pissed him off?'

Lily only ate for a little. Before Kevin finished his dinner, Lily ran back to the study to continue her work.

Nancy Wu was surprised to see Lily left the table before eating soup. "Mr. Qin........"

Looked at the woman who finish dinner quickly, Kevin replied with hesitation, "it is ok, put the soup down."

However, it was past eleven o'clock and Lily didn't stop, so he switched off the study's light immediately.

All of a sudden, Lily blacked out. As soon as she stood up, her legs became weak. She was about to have a close contact with the floor, and she fall into the strong arms.

Looking up at the cold face of Kevin, she realized it's not good.

"I think you don't want to save your father."

Upon hearing this, she widened her eyes. "You said you would help me..."

"Then what are you doing? You don't trust me? Why are you here alone? " Kevin's eyes darkened.

"No, I didn't..."she winked and said that. But before she finished her words, she smiled and asked, "are you caring about me?"

Kevin frowned and pursed his lips without saying anything. Could he say that he was dissatisfied?

However, she smiled as if she had read his mind. She continued, "or are you unhappy that I have neglected you?"

Hearing this, Kevin held Lily in his arms. He stop his unpleasant. Kevin smiled and said, "yes, so how are you going to make it up to me?"

Her body froze when she heard the words. "What compensation do you want?" Lily asked, without changing the expression on her face.

However, she scolded herself in her heart that she is stupid and sent herself to a dangerous place.

"Don't you know what I want?"

The man's silent voice was like a feather brushing through the heart, which made Lily tremble. Uneasily, she turned her head How do I know? You can only think about it. "

After he stared at Lily for a long time, Kevin finally said, "then let's go to bed."

"But..." She glimpsed of the files on the desk.

"Or Let me tell you, what do I want? "

His faint voice surprised Lily. "Go to sleep! I am going to sleep right away! "

Lily was afraid of what Kevin would do to her, so she wrapped herself tightly as soon as she got into bed.

"I said I wouldn't force you." With ridicule in his eyes, Kevin lay down beside Lily and took her into his arms.

Alarmed, she reached out to push him away. But when she saw the ridicule in his eyes, she gave up. "I'm sleepy. If you want to hold me in your arm then just do it. I'm ha

ppy to have a pillow made of person."

Then she adjusted her position and closed her eyes.

Speaking of that, she was just trying to make a fool of him. But she didn't expect that she was actually asleep.

Hearing her breathing, Kevin smiled helplessly. After a long kiss on her smooth forehead, the man finally closed his eyes.

The next morning, when Lily woke up, she stretched herself and didn't see Kevin. She slightly pouted her lips and then got up.

After breakfast, Lily wanted to go to the hospital to visit her mother. However, she received a text message from the lawyer, who asked her to meet him to discuss details.

Seeing that, Lily frowned slightly. She wondered why her lawyer didn't invite her to the law firm, but asked her to meet at a cafe?

Anyway, she would know when she got there. She then took the files with her and headed to the place.

"You know exactly what I have told you. As long as it's done, there will be a great amount of money that we have agreed on. Do you understand?"

"Don't worry. I am good at it." A feminine voice came from the other end of the line.

"Good." A trace of disgust flashed across Hana's face, but when she shifted her gaze to another spot, her expression became particularly ferocious.

'Lily, from now on, I will see if you still can stay by Kevin's side!'

Opening the door of the coffee shop, Lily walked to the appointed table. She looked at the man with a feminine face, and a hint of surprise flashed through her eyes. Who is this?

"Here you are, Lily!" The man was more than surprised. He stood up and came closer to her.

Luckily, Lily was on her guard and took a step back. Do I know you? "

Though dressed in a suit, his chest was exposed to the air. Judging from his tone and expression, it didn't seem like that he was a lawyer, he is more like a......

Lily frowned.

"How could you do that to me," the man said, then he strode forward and reached out to push her shoulder. "You can't remember me after such a short time?"

Narrowing her eyes, Lily grabbed the man's wrist and said coldly, "you got the wrong person."

Seeing that man was stunned, Lily gave him a ferocious stare, and then walked out quickly.

She walked for a long time and felt relieved when she found that the man hadn't followed her. Bewildered and confused, who on earth asked her out? What was his purpose of inviting her to meet that kind of person?

A bad feeling came over her.

While she was thinking, she suddenly found that a familiar silver Mercedes parked in front of her left. She looked over and saw a person who walked towards is Kevin.

"You seemed absorbed in your mind? I've been following you for a while, but you didn't notice me. " Opening the car door for Lily, Kevin said indifferently.

"What? Oh Nothing. " Lily smiled and got on the car.

After closing the car door, Kevin put on a subtle expression.

Not long ago, he got a call from his friend. His friend said that there was a strange message on his phone, and it happened to be related to his wife.

"Are you sure?" Asked Kevin again.

Raising her eyes to look at him, she said with a light smile, "it doesn't matter. Even if I have, I can handle it well. Trust me, no one can easily bully me now."

Kevin nodded and said, "that's good." Then he drove away.

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