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   Chapter 17 That Proves My Charm

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Lily walked into the ward with a smile on her face. When she saw her safe mother, the look in her eyes softened.

At this time, the mobile phone in her bag suddenly rang. Lily quickly walked out of the room and answered the phone in a low voice. "Hello, what's up?"

"Mrs. Qin, I have found a lawyer for you. When do you want to see him?" The man's voice was calm and spoiled. She could not help rubbing her ears. "I have time now." Nothing was more important than the lawsuit.

"Where are you now? I'll send someone to pick you up."

After hanging up the phone and telling the nurse about her situation, Lily went to the door of the hospital and waited for the driver.

Courtney was also ready to go home, but she saw Lily standing at the door and waiting for something. She hid behind Lily and watched her get into a car. Then she called a car to follow her.

Standing at the gate of the high-rise building, Lily remembered that according to the plot of the novel, it should not be possible for a stranger to see the president. It's better not to make trouble. Just call Kevin.

But right then, someone called out her name accurately, "Lily."

She looked up and saw a man in a gray suit walking towards her. He had a gentle smile on his face. This man standing in the sun made people feel very warm.

"Nice to meet you. You must be Lily, right?" When the man approached her, he spoke in the same soft voice, only looking at her with a little surprise and inspection.

She was familiar with the man, who was a young entrepreneur and had a close relationship with the Qin family. She didn't see any malicious intention in his eyes, so she didn't care about it. "I am, excuse me..."

"Oh, I'm Kevin's friend. My name is Shawn. I came here to discuss business with him just now, but he's in a meeting now and asked me to pick you up."

"Thank you!" Lily continued with a bright smile.

"You're welcome. Let's go."

Shawn directly took Lily into the VIP room from the private elevator. There were two men sitting inside. One looked like an elite, the other was in black. His cold appearance was somewhat similar to that of Kevin, but the air of him seemed to be heavier.

"This is Lily. The man in black is also Kevin's friend, named James. This is the lawyer that Kevin found for you." Shawn introduced them to each other.

Lily greeted them with a smile, her eyes crooked, looking sincere and lovely. But in her heart, she was thinking that the names of Kevin's two friends... They seemed to be on the contrary.

James greeted her with a nod, while the lawyer stood up to inquire about her case details.

Shawn didn't want to disturb them, so he walked to James's side and whispered, "do they look alike? Do you think Kevin didn't do it on purpose or not?"

James glanced at him. Shawn paused, turned around and saw Lily looking at him confusedly. He smiled sheepishly and said, "sorry, we used to have a friend who looked like you, so..."

"I'm fine," Lily replied with a smile, "I hope she is a beauty. Then I will feel that you are praising me."

"You are a beauty, too. You don't need such praise like this." Shawn teased her back.

It seemed that they could turn over this topic, but at this moment, an unperturbed voice chimed in, "of course it's a beauty. She used to fascinate my brother very much."

The door of the VIP room was opened. Lily cas

t a casual glance at Courtney who was walking towards them and made an expression of sudden realization. "Oh, I see. Is that the woman whose surname is Bai you are talking about?"

"Yes. Any problem?" Courtney raised her chin slightly and looked at Lily proudly.

"No problem." Her voice became indifferent suddenly.


"You!" Failed to provoke her again and again, Courtney was so angry that her chest heaved violently and she could not control the expression on her face. "Lily, don't deceive yourself. Does it feel good to be a substitute?"

Lily looked at her in confusion, as if she was looking at something she couldn't understand. "I just need to know that I'm Kevin's wife. And now, I'm with him. Why should I care about that? Sorry, I don't understand what you're talking about."

She said these words with an expression of "I'm sorry, I can't understand". At that moment, Courtney had a feeling that she was a contemptible scoundrel, which made her embarrassed.

"What are you doing here?" A cold voice came from outside. Hearing that, Courtney was stunned and then turned around with a perfect smile. She held Kevin's arm and said in a gentle and sweet voice, "brother."

The expression on her face changed so much that Shawn couldn't help laughing out.

"Shawn!" Courtney stared at him angrily. Lily shook her head. What an acting skill she had!

Kevin pulled his arm back silently, walked to Lily's side and put his arm around her shoulder. He seemed to see nobody but Lily in his black eyes. "How is it going?"

Lily felt a little surprised and uneasy. After a short while, she looked away quickly and looked at the lawyer. "I made a brief description of the situation. It will still bothers our lawyer later." She said.

Hearing that, the lawyer nodded. "As for what Lily said, I'll go back and sort it out. Then I'll tell you the details."

Then the lawyer left. Courtney felt that nobody cared about her here, so she left with anger.

"If you don't have anything else to talk to me, I'm leaving now," said Lily, who was taking Kevin's arm off.

Kevin raised his eyebrows and said, "just throw me away after using me?"

Hearing that, Lily's face twitched. He said this as if she was so heartless. So she held his hand with a sensible smile and said, "I'm just considering for you. You still have work to do."

But her hand was pulling the flesh in his palm forcefully.

However, there was no change on Kevin's face, as if he didn't feel any pain. She was so angry that she immediately shook off his hand.

"Well, we won't bother you anymore. We will talk about the project later. Remember to invite us to the wedding ceremony. Let's go, James." Shawn burst into laughter.

They said goodbye to Kevin and smiled friendly to Lily before they left.

"You seem to get along well with my friend." Then she pulled cherry out of the office.

"That proves my charm."

"Really? Well, let's talk about the topic just now. Do you really not care about what happened to Lois? Or do you pretend to be generous?"

Lilly didn't think the woman was necessary to her. "I think you have heard my answer just now." She answered with a smile, looking very honest.

Her smile, which seemed to dot with shining of the sun, was printed in Kevin's dark eyes.

Do you really think so?

President Qin skipped off work with betrothed wife that day.

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