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   Chapter 16 Conniving

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"Who's that?" With a towel in his hand, he wiped his hair and walked out of the bathroom.

Putting his phone back on the bed, Lily said indifferently, "your cousin."

Hearing her jealous tone, Kevin raised his lips. He walked to Lily's side, bent down and kissed her lips gently. "Are you jealous?"

"No, you misunderstood me. I'm going to take a shower." Not wanting to talk about it anymore, Lily stood up and walked into the bathroom with her clothes in her arms.

When she reached the door, she turned to look at Kevin and said, "by the way, I'm going to the hospital to visit my mother tomorrow."

Kevin nodded and said, "do you need me to go with you?"

After thinking for a while, she shook her head and said, "no, thank you. I can do it myself."

"Okay, I'll ask my assistant to send you there." Then he went to fetch the hair dryer.

Lily didn't refuse. She turned around and walked into the bathroom.

But she didn't expect that when she came out of the bathroom, Kevin didn't leave and he was sitting on the bed and reading a book. Lily's body froze in an instant.

Hearing her voice, Kevin turned around and looked at her. He raised his eyebrows and asked, "what's wrong?"

"Are you sleeping here?" Although this question was somewhat unreasonable, Lily still seemed to not fully remove the gap between them.

But Kevin didn't seem to notice that. He nodded indifferently and waved to her, "come here. Let me dry your hair."

The man's fingers were inserted into Lily's hair. She felt a little nervous and clasped her hands together.

But the man directly lay back on the bed after he blew her hair, and did not do anything else, which made Lily a little confused. She turned her head to look at Kevin.

Feeling Lily's confusing eyes, Kevin looked at her with a smile on his face. "What? What do you expect me to do? "

The simple sentence made Lily blush. She quickly got into the quilt and lifted the quilt to cover her head.

Looking at Lily acting like an ostrich, Kevin had a faint smile on his face. He put the book on the bedside table, turned off the bedside lamp and lay beside Lily.

Feeling the stiffness of Lily, Kevin held her into his arms and said, "Lily, you have to learn to get used to it."

Lily's breath came to a halt, and her whole body stiffened.

After feeling it, Kevin sighed slightly. Then he let go of Lily's hand, turned his back to her.

"I I will get used to it. " Lily responded to Kevin with her arms around his waist.

Kevin was touched by her words, and he turned around and held Lily in his arms.

In the early morning, when Lily woke up, Kevin had already gone to work. His driver was in charge of sending her to the hospital.

As she entered the hospital, she entered the elevator and pressed the corresponding number. She looked up at the elevator and a smile appeared on her face when she thought that she could see her mother soon.

When the elevator door opened, she saw a girl standing there with a black Strapless skirt. Both of them were stunned for a second.

Pretending that she didn't see her, Lily made her way to Courtney. Courtney gripped her hand and asked with a hint of concern, "isn't my sister-in-law? Yes? Kevin didn't come with you? "

"Yes, Kevin is busy with his work in the company. He wanted to come here with me, but I didn't agree." Lily said, pretending to be pitiful.

But this time, Courtney didn't get angry immediately, but sighed, "well, Lily, in fact, I feel a little sorry for you. You know..."

After saying that, she stopped, deliberately trying to tantalize Lily.

But Lily didn't buy it, for she had to visit her mother and had no time to waste on Courtney


"What's wrong? Do you have anything else to say? If not, I'll leave now. " With these words, with an indifferent expression on Lily's face, then she was about to leave.

Seeing that Lily was leaving, Courtney became anxious.

"Lily, I don't want you to be fooled by Kevin. He doesn't love you at all. He just thought of you as another woman's substitute. Has you ever heard of a name of Lois? You are just a substitute for her. "

She wanted to see the ugly side of Lily, but she let her down. Lily usually glanced at Courtney.

"Oh, you mean this, it doesn't matter! I am not afraid to let you know."

She paused for a second, and then said with a smile, "I just have a deal with him. I don't care who he likes in his heart. We just take what we need."

Apparently, Courtney didn't expect this to happen. She was stunned for a moment, and then said excitedly, "that's impossible! How could Kevin... "

Before she could finish her words, she was interrupted impatiently by Lily. "What's more, I don't care about a woman he has never mentioned at all."

"What You are lying to his parents! " Everything was beyond Courtney's expectation, so she had to mention Kevin's parents in desperation.

However, when it came to Lily she sneered at her and looked at her with contempt. "Do you think they will believe you or their son and daughter-in-law?"

Courtney was rendered speechless. She looked sullen and clenched her fists.

Indeed, it was easy to choose between their own son and their niece who had no blood relationship.

At this moment, Courtney's expression become complicated.

A smile disappeared on Lily's lips. "And Courtney...... I hope that you won't follow me to the hospital anymore. My mother is recuperate now. If anything happens to her because of you, I won't let you go easily! "

For the elders of the Qin family's sake, she had to save face for Courtney.

But now they were in the hospital. Previously, Hana had been gossiping about her for a long time in front of her mother, which almost made her died. Now, she could no longer take any risks.

"What I won't let you go! " Courtney then left the hospital.

She stormed out of the hospital.

Although she and Kevin were cousins, the whole family knew that they were not related by blood. It was also well known that she liked Kevin.

There had Lois before, and now there is another one called Lily!



As soon as she walked down the stairs, a woman called out to her.

She turned around and saw a lady in refined dress with long hair over her shoulders. She was quite gentle.

She frowned, "who are you?"

Hana smiled. "You don't need to know who I am. You just need to know We have a common enemy. "


Courtney wasn't a fool and she could guess it. "What? What's your relationship with her? "

"A person who wants her dead." Lucy had long regarded Maurice as a member of the union of real estate, so in front of her, she did not hide her hatred for Walter.

Courtney nodded and asked, "so what?"

"How about we join hands?" Without any hesitation, Hana said in a cold tone, her eyes filled with resentment. "I have all the information about Lily, and I know her past as well. Cooperating with me is nothing but good for you."

Seeing this, Bill smiled and nodded, "okay. If you can help me drive her away, I will give you a huge benefit. "

She didn't believe that they would not find an opportunity to hurt Lily even though she was take care by Kevin.

The scene at the bar recurred to Hana's mind. It was on that day that Michael slapped her in front of so many people and made her lose her face. She would surely get back this time!

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