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   Chapter 15 Trade

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Kevin didn't looked at Craig for a long time, he turned around and looked at everyone in the room.

Finally, his eyes stopped at the broken glass on the ground. He looked at the man in front of Lily.

Gloom was written all over his face. He asked Michael sternly, "did you throw it?"

Michael lowered his head, which was filled with fear.

"It's Kevin...... I... " The words that Kevin used to say to Lily came to his mind, and beads of sweat dripped down his forehead.

As he was speaking, Hana retreated from his arms. She didn't want to die with him.

"Didn't you tell them who you are?" Kevin said in a low voice. He turned his head to look at Lily with deep eyes.

Lily was stunned. "What? Should I tell them about this? "

"Remember to tell them next time, or you'll get hurt again." Seeing his wife get lost, Kevin raised the corners of his lips.

Stunned, she nodded and asked with surprise, "what are you doing?"

Kevin picked up Lily and said gently, "you're injured. Let me take you out."

When the woman in his arms heard his words, she was a little shy and buried her head in his arms.

Looking at these two, Craig shook his head in disbelief. 'Mr. Qin, did you become a men who are crazy about protecting wife?

Hana, who was standing next to Michael saw how much Kevin cared about Lily, clenched her fists with hatred in her eyes. She couldn't understand why Lily could get Kevin? Why did all the good things belong to Lily?! She was unwillingly!

When Michael saw that they were going to leave, he suddenly thought of the consequences of Cheng family last time. He couldn't help but tremble.

"Well, Mr. Qin..."

Hearing his voice, Kevin stopped walking outside. He turned around and looked at him, "don't think about it."

Kevin left immediately after he finished his words.

As soon as they walked out of the room, Michael threw a bottle of wine onto the floor. This made the rest of people in the room more and more anxious.

"Michael, what should we do?"

Hearing their words, he turned around and slapped on Hana's face hard.

"Bitch! If you hadn't mentioned Kevin, I wouldn't have been so impulsive! "

Hana covered her face and bit her lips tightly, daring not make a sound. Her hair fell over to cover her face, and her ferocious and hateful expression was partly hidden.

'Lily!' She swore to herself that she would do anything to ruin this bitch's life!

Kevin put Lily on the back seat of the car gently, put her legs on his thighs and took the medicine box from the passenger seat.

"Why did you stay with them? Aren't you afraid of danger? "

This woman was really bold. She had already suffered a loss before, but she still do that. Kevin raised his eyes to take a look at Lily helplessly.

Bowed her head, Lily said angrily, "no, I didn't. They offered me a lawyer, so I went there."

Saying that, she raised her head and looked at Kevin with a smile. There was a hint of joke in her tone.

"But, Kevin..... Are you willing to help me find a lawyer? "

She paid no attention to Craig and said it in the car.

With a mis

chievous smile in Kevin's eyes, he threw the swab in his hand aside.

"Sure. But how are you going to repay me?"

His eyes were full of love for Lily. Looking at him, she got lost in his love.

Without thinking too much, she held Kevin's cheeks with both of her hands and kissed his lips. She was not good at kissing, so she just touched his lips for a little bit.

A tinge of smile flashed across Kevin's eyes. He raised his hand and pointed his lips, saying, "that's it?"

Lily didn't even think about what she had done. Right now, her awkward statement was pointed out by Kevin. Instantly, her face blushed.

"Well, what do you want?"

"It seems that you still need to improve your kissing skill. Now let me teach you."

Kevin reached out and pressed a button, and the interior screen was rolled up immediately.

Her lips were pressed before she could ask more.


His kiss was aggressive and overbearing. His tongue pierced into her mouth directly.

She had difficulty in breathing and her face turned red soon. Kevin released her slightly and she could breathe heavily finally.

When she realized, she punched at Kevin, "Hey! How could you do that?"

"This is the thing you trade with me."

Stunned, Lily opened her mouth but said nothing.

Sitting on the passenger seat, Craig felt restless. Could they do that not so obviously? Even without the partition, he knew what they were doing.

When they got home, Kevin took a shower first. Lily sat on the bed and played with her mobile phone. Suddenly, the mobile phone rang.

Lily put down her phone and looked around. She found that it was from Kevin's phone. She picked it up and saw that it was from Courtney.

A smile tugged at the corners of Lily's mouth. Kevin's cousin was indeed a troublemaker.

"Hello, Kevin, this is Courtney." As soon as the line was connected, Courtney said eagerly.

But the voice from the other end of the line made the smile on Courtney's face disappear without a trace.

"Hello, Courtney. Kevin is taking a shower. What's up?"

"Why are you here? Ask my brother to answer the phone. " Courtney didn't want to hear this woman's voice.

Pretending to be sad, Lily sighed and said, "Little sister, it's not that I don't want you to talk to him. He is not convenient because he is taking a shower now. What do you want to talk to him? Tell me."

"Bitch! I want to talk to Kevin, why don't you give me the chance! You're just the substitute he found"

Courtney was still young, so she spoke out something without hesitation.

"So what? Even if we are acting, he is still mine now. Besides, Kevin is your cousin. Don't call him so intimately. Sibling should learn how to avert suspicion. Besides, you are just cousins. "

Although with a smile on the face, Lily spoke words sharply.

"Bitch!" Courtney hung up the phone and looked at the broken screen of her phone. Her anger didn't disappear at all.

'Damn, Lily is a bitch! It was her who seduced Kevin. Otherwise, he wouldn't take a fancy to her. How dare she talk to her like that? She wouldn't let her go!'

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