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   Chapter 11 Don't Try To Bully Me

Irrational But Obsessional By Ning Ruoshui Characters: 6280

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Seeing her leave, Kevin didn't stop her.

However, when he turned around, he called his assistant and asked several people to follow her.

After arriving at the door of the company where Hana was working, Lily let out a cold laugh and then went straight in.

The door of the office opened with a bang, which frightened Hana who was sitting in front of her desk. When she saw clearly who it was, her eyes flashed a little, and then she said in a soft voice, "I'm just thinking who it is. It's Lily."

Seeing Hana still pretending to be kind to her, Lily raised a sarcastic smile and asked, "did you say some stuff about mistress to my mother?"

Hearing that, Hana shrugged innocently. She said, "I'm doing this for your own good. It's so stupid of you to sell out the rest of your life for your mother."

"Really?" Hearing Hana's words, with a faint smile on her face, Lily walked to her step by step. "What entitles you to think for me? Is it occupying the upper class or becoming Mrs. Cheng? "

Hearing what she said, Hana's face suddenly fell. "Lily!"

As Hana's best friend for such a long time, Lily was very clear about her weakness. Seeing that she no longer pretended to be innocent, she said coldly, "I warn you! If you dare to go to the hospital and talk nonsense again, I swear I will leave you no place in this city. "

"Ha, just because of Kevin? The man who fed you?" Hana sneered. "Stop dreaming! That man just played a trick on you..."

However, before she could finish her words, she choked in her throat. "That's impossible!" Hana's face was filled with disbelief. She couldn't believe that Lily was holding a marriage certificate in her hand!

After putting away the marriage certificate indifferently, Lily slowly moved close to the stunned Hana's ear and said, "Want to trample me under the foot by Michael? You are the one who is daydreaming!"

"What's more, with your background, it's still a problem if you can join the Cheng family."

Hana's expression changed dramatically at what Lily said.

She was right.

Hana was on the verge of breaking down. Since the last bar incident, she had been out of touch with Michael for three days. It was said that the Cheng family's enterprise had suffered a huge blow in the past two days. Not to mention that the Cheng family attached great importance to the marriage of families' equal positions, but only by the current situation, there was very little chance for the Cheng family to accept her.

"It's all your fault! You bitch!" The more Hana thought about it, the angrier she got. She raised her arm and hit towards Lily.

However, in the next second, her hand was firmly grasped by Lily who then slapped her on the face.

A crisp voice sounded.

Staring at Hana who fell to the ground, Lily squinted and said, "I've told you everything I know. If you dare to show up in the hospital or in front of me again, you'll pay for it!"

After saying that, Lily turned around and left.

By this moment, the only "sisterhood" between her and Hana had already disappeared!

She wouldn't spare anyone who dared to hurt her mother again!

Lily returned to the Qin family, and she was quite familiar with the place where she had been here once.

"Madam is back."

The servant saw her from a distance, with a happy smile, "Congratulations, sir and madam are getting married, and in addition... Sir is upstairs."

Lily felt somewhat uncomfortable, but she still went upstairs.

She was Mrs. Qin now.

When she struggled to be vigorous and opened the door...

There was someone standing in the room.

The loosened bathrobe of the man was slightly open, revealing the wheat color skin of his chest. A drop of water glided across his body and hid into the clothes. His slightly wet short black hair fell on his forehead, making his eyes even more mysterious.

All of a sudden, there were only one word left in Lily's mind, "bootylicious".

"You're back."

Hearing the man's low voice, Lily froze. She was blushed inexplicably. "Ah..."

When she turned her head and saw the hot food on the table, she was surprised again. Was this man waiting for her to have dinner?

"Let's eat first. There is still something to do after dinner." With these words, Kevin walked towards the dining table.

Obediently, Lily followed him and sat down at the table. She recalled what she had wanted to say, but the man was faster than her. "Madam, it's our wedding night."

Hearing that, Lily sprang to her feet and widened her eyes What's the meaning of this? Was he implying something?

Kevin lowered his eyes and said, "what? Madam hasn't gotten ready yet?"

Although she had some plans in mind, when the man pushed her to the bedside step by step, Lily could not help breathing heavily.

In front of her, Kevin sensed her anxiety. He smiled and said, "it's not your first time. Mrs. Qin, are you still nervous?"

Knowing what he meant, Lily blushed. When she was about to fight back, Kevin's face magnified in front of her eyes something cold fell on her lips.

Lily breathed in a mint fragrance from Kevin's body. She felt that the men in front of her skillfully slipped their tongue inside her mouth, and he took everywhere he reached as his own possession.

The kiss made her somewhat lack of oxygen. She could not help hitting the man in his chest, but the strength was too small for Kevin.

Looking at Lily's blushing face, Kevin pouted his lips and kissed her all the way down and stopped at her delicate clavicle.

The sudden tingle of the body made Lily's heart tremble, and then, a big hand with a nearly burning temperature attached her back. She was aware of what would happen next. Although she tried to keep calm, she couldn't help but freeze her body.

Stopping what he was doing, Kevin said in a low voice, "don't worry. I won't force you."

Embarrassed, Lily captured a hint of ridicule in the man's eyes. She pouted, put her hands on his shoulders and quickly kissed him on the corner of his mouth, looking at him provocatively.

Kevin raised his eyebrows and stared at Lily for a while. When Lily was about to give up, he suddenly bent over and kissed the woman's forehead. Then he turned over and lay on the bed. "Let's sleep."

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