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   Chapter 10 Let's Go To The Civil Affairs Bureau

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After figuring out the reason, Lily calmed down quickly.

She wiped her tears and walked into the ward again.

Holly woke up finally, she looked at her with a cold face.

Lily poured a glass of water for her and said in a hoarse voice, "Mom..."

"Don't call me mom. I don't have a daughter like you."

It was totally unacceptable for Holly that the daughter she had been spoiled has been someone else's mistress!

Seeing Holly's concerned expression, Lily forced a smile and explained, "It's Hana's trick, she told you that on purpose."

Then she told her the story about Hana and Michael. "Hana did that because of jealous, me and Kevin...... We have known each other for a while and we truly love each other. If you don't believe me, I can bring him to see you another day. "

"Really?" Holly doubted.

"It's true. We have already decided to apply for the marriage certificate. Then we will show it to you, okay?"

Upon hearing her promise, Holly's face brightened up. "In that case, you can bring him here tomorrow. If you really did the wrong thing, I would rather die than do the operation! "

Smiling and nodding, Lily said happily, "Okay, I'll bring him here tomorrow. Let you check "

Lily chatted with her mother for a while, she left the hospital until the nurse drove her away.

On her way, Lily remembered her promise, so she suddenly stopped, clenched fists and her almond eyes were full of struggle. After a long time, she finally sighed, and then dialed Kevin's phone number.

"It's me." Hearing the cold male voice from the other end of the phone, Lily took a deep breath and said slowly, "Kevin, let's go to get the marriage certification."

Kevin was silent for a second.

Then she heard the man's low voice, "Why

are you so initiative all of a sudden?"

She pinched her fingers. "I'd better take actions first since you are so adorable. Otherwise there will be many troubles in the future."

Kevin chuckled and said, "wait for me there."

Waiting in the hall of the Civil Affairs Bureau for a while, Lily saw him approaching.

The well-tailored suit complimented his slender and tall figure. Such charming face will attract others at the first sight.

Lily's felt nervous.

"Let's go."

Kevin didn't ask too much. He just held Lily's hand and walked in.

Everything went smoothly after that. When they got two red booklets, she was still a little stunned.

How could she marry a strange man like this?

"Miss Wen." Kevin slow down, stared at her and said, "It's should be Mrs. Qin. Do you forget something? "

When Lily heard he called her "Mrs. Qin", her eyelids twitched. "What, what did I forget?"

As soon as her voice faded away, Kevin opened his arms and suddenly pulled her in.


"Don't be like this in public HMM! "

But the man had already covered her lips, kissing the woman in his arms in front of everyone.

However, Lily received much applause instead of accusation.

"You two love each other so much. Congratulations!"

Kevin wrapped around her waist, smiled and said, "thank you."

She was totally freaked out!

After they got out of the Bureau, Lily looked at the man next to her and said, "wait."

Kevin looked down at her, and his face darkened. He asked, "anything else, madam?"

"Well I need to find someone. "

She made up her mind.

Hana had insulted her again and again. She even dared to spread a rumor in front of her mother. If she didn't teach that woman a lesson, she would not be Lily!

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