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   Chapter 3 You Don't Remember Me

Irrational But Obsessional By Ning Ruoshui Characters: 4435

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"Mind your own business, man!"

Michael snorted as the figure appeared right in front of him.

However, just as he realized who the man was, he stuttered, suddenly taking interest in his shoes. "Kevin..."

"Fuck off!"

Kevin interrupted coldly, his eyes glaring daggers at Michael.

However, Michael stayed, still not willing to give up on Lily. He stared at her as if he hadn't heard the warning.

Kevin's eyes darkened when Michael didn't move an inch. He then gripped the man's wrist harder, hearing him groan in disbelief. "I asked you to get away," he said snidely. "Didn't you hear me?"

If looks could kill, Michael would be ten feet under, that was for sure.

As he looked back at Kevin and calculated his own chances, he gritted his teeth and left.

Lily frowned, rubbing her aching wrist. She gave a polite smile at the man beside her, bowing her head. "Thank you," she murmured.

Although her smile was strained from all the recent events that had happened to her, her eyes were bright with relief as she stared at him, not being able to recognize the man in front of her.

Kevin raised an eyebrow. "You slept with me and you don't even recognize me?" "What?"

Lily felt her body shrinking at the accusation. Suddenly, her memory started coming back and her cheeks had already turned ten times redder.

He was the man from last night! Her nails dug into the palms of her hands.

"I... Is it..."

She struggled to speak, but found herself failing under the man's intimidating stare.

The man only kept silent as he stared, rendering her whole body numb.

After a few seconds, she finally was able to regain her composure. "Are you– are you here for the money then?"

The one million she had promised was gone now, gone with all the money had been confiscated from them.

Kevin burst into laughter. The coldness drifted off from his face as an amused expression took over. He really had no idea what she was thinking.

However, she was interesting.

He bent over till his breath fanned the tip of her nose. They were already at eye-level.

"If I am, do you have the money now?"

Lily took a step back subconsciously, uncomfortable at how close the man was to her.

However, he only seemed to be even more encouraged to move closer to her till she found herself back up against the wall with no way out.

They were so close with each other that their lips were just a few centimeters apart. Thinking back to what had happened, she found that it was no use to lie.

"No, I don't.

But whatever,

it's not like it's official. The IOU I've given you isn't officially signed so..."

Lily trailed off with a shrug. She was fearless. However, he could trace the guiltiness and nervousness in her gaze, which hooked him even more.

This was definitely fun.

Kevin shrugged. Besides, it wasn't as if he was in a hurry.

"I can help you solve all your problems."

A ray of hope lit up in her heart. She gaped at him. Given how he treated Michael just earlier, he must be somebody important then.

However, she knew that everything came with a price. She wasn't a fool.

"What do you want?"

A smile curved his lips. He had to admit, he liked how the woman thought.

"Marry me."

"Are you crazy?"

Lily blinked, trying to register what he had just said. 'Is he serious?'

Hearing her say that, his eyes darkened at the blatant refusal.

"I don't think you understand your current situation well, Miss Wen."

She sneered. "I could be down in the ditches and I still won't marry a stranger."

"Stranger?" Kevin snorted.

He bent over once again.

She felt the coldness enveloped her, making her step backwards further subconsciously.

"Do you normally sleep with strangers?" he said lightly. Even then, there was something sinister in his words.

She stiffened. "Don't act like you didn't like it. We're all grown-ups here!" She took a deep breath. "Look, just give me your card number and I'll transfer it to you later, okay?"

Kevin pressed his lips together.

The tension was just too real. As she looked up at his gloomy gaze, panic spread across her.

She was already finding it difficult to breathe.

Just when Lily thought he was about to lose it, he straightened his back, and the gloomy expression was gone. She sagged her shoulders in relief.

Kevin then wrote something on a piece of paper before stuffing it into her hands.

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