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   Chapter 2 Bankrupt!

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The next day.

On the big bed in the middle of the presidential suite were two naked bodies wrapped around the white quilt. The man was handsome with a very muscled figure. In his arms was a delicate woman, sleeping soundly in his grasp.

When Lily opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was the rise and fall of Kevin's chest. She was in his arms, his muscles curling around her like a cocoon.

It was a strange feeling. She furrowed her eyebrows as the pain from last night swept over her like a hurricane, stunning her immediately.

What had happened last night?

As last night's memories returned, her cheeks were turning redder and redder as her heart was already beating quickly in her chest. She got out of bed in a hurry and picked up her clothes, not even daring to look at the man in the bed.

She remembered how she'd told him that she'd give him a million dollars, when in reality, she didn't bring that much cash along.

After hesitating, she left an IOU slip on the table.

She might as well.

Half an hour after she left, the man finally woke up.

He shivered, stretching his arms to his side. It was cold. When he glanced around and didn't find her, he furrowed his eyebrows, sitting up.

The quilt dipped down, revealing the intricate v-line at the end of his abdominals.

As memories of last night entered his mind, he couldn't help but smile at himself.

However, as he glanced at his bed, there was absolutely no sign of the girl.

Even if he glanced at the bathroom, the woman was still nowhere to be seen. His face darkened.

Did she really take him for a prostitute?

Once he placed everything in order, Kevin walked out of the room. His assistant, who had just arrived, immediately reported. "Miss Wen had just left in a hurry," he stated.

"Miss Wen?"

"Lily, the eldest daughter of Wen family."

After a short pause, the assistant added, "She's also Mr. Michael's bride-to-be."

Kevin furrowed his eyebrows, deep in thought as he was trying to match her identity with the woman in his mind. "The daughter of Haber Wen?" he said gruffly, fixing the cuffs of his sleeves.


His eyes flashed as Kevin remembered the news regarding Haber Wen. This was going to be interesting.

Right then, Lily returned back home in a hurry. Before she could recover from last night's events, she saw a flurry of police cars parked outside their gates. Among them stood her mother who was crying her heart out.

She pushed through the crowd, trying to r

each her mother. "Mom!" she said urgently. "What's going on?"

Holly Qi's eyes were already red and swollen. The moment she saw her daughter, she burst out crying, grabbing Lily's upper arms. "Your father– he's being arrested."

"Arrested? What happened?" Lily froze, feeling as if this was all a dream and that she'd wake up from this horrendous nightmare. Her father had been nothing short of honesty. "That's impossible! He was just here..."

Holly Qi choked. "Please, Lily, save him.."

However, before she could respond, her mother had already fainted into her arms.


The people around them called the ambulance as Lily screamed for help.

"This is what he deserves! Broke the law and implicate his wife and daughter. They might as well just take the house!" one yelled out.

"Yeah! Stealing taxes like that, the nerve!"

Hearing their shouts of agreement took a toll on Lily. She squatted on the ground, letting her tears fall onto the pavement helplessly.

As they brought her mother to the hospital, her mind was still a mess.

Why did everything change overnight?

"Why are you still sitting here? Go find someone to save your father!"

The familiar voice made Lily lift her head. She saw that it was Michael Cheng with a sneer in his face.

"Guess you're also looking for a sleep-in then? Pretending to be so innocent, when in reality, you're just a bitch!" He snorted, motioning at her marks.

"Shut up!" Lily roared.

"How funny! Do you think you're a lady? Your father's already in jail. I'll give you a chance. I mean, if you kneel down and beg, I'll consider taking your mother in–"


His head swung to the side as his cheek reddened. He snarled. "Bitch! Do you want to die?"

Lily raised her hand, about to slap him again only to be grabbed roughly by Michael Cheng. His eyes were already clouded with unknowable fury. "You want to slap me again? You want to be a prostitute right? I think I can make that happen."

All she was seeing was red as she snarled at him to release her.

"Don't pretend to be so innocent." He raised one of his hand, about to bring it down to her face.

She closed her eyes, waiting for the pain to come. After a few seconds, she furrowed her eyebrows when it didn't.

Lily opened her eyes to see someone else standing beside her, a man dressed in a tailored suit. There was something about him that screamed power and money.

His slender hand grasped around Michael's wrist as he said coldly, "Let go of her."

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