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   Chapter 440 Together (Part Two)

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 5613

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It seemed that they had been given a great goal.

Louis and Hayden looked at each other. The two of them hid in the distance and took out the teacup that they had just stolen and threw it to the bodyguard. The bodyguard narrowed his eyes and shot at the teapot. His movements were quick and agile. It was obvious that he is well practiced.

It seemed that it was not simple.

At such a close distance, he actually chose a gun instead of a body to resist.

It meant that they had been given a death order. If something went wrong, they could deal with the life and death of the person in front of them.

When they were trying to figure it out, the bodyguards in front of them began to leave in order.

The two people were confused. What was going on?

Ryan had already stabbed two bodyguards. More of them swarmed forward, and some even raised their pistols to aim at Ryan.

However, they were ordered not to shoot. They just aimed their pistols at Ryan.

Because of the injury of Mino, Ryan was even more furious at the people in front of him. He wished he could tear these bastards apart with his bare hands.

"Mr. Ryan, please calm down." The steward, who had been well behaved all the time, could not help sweating .at this time.

"Calm down?" Mino was surrounded by a group of people, who nervously treated Mino's wound.

"How can we calm down?" Donald shouted nervously. It didn't matter if it was Ryan who was injured. Why did he hurt Mino? Colin also looked at Mino with his big eyes. It was all because of him that his mommy was injured. He didn't protect his mommy well. It was he who hurt her. The more Colin thought about it, the sadder he felt.

first, he was a little accurate, but in the end, it became more and more inaccurate. He threw all the things to Mino. It was not easy for Mino to kick away the things on her body, but she didn't expect that there were some more behind her.

When can he stop it?!

After she kicked away the last thing in front of her, she walked over and hammered Donald on the head. "What are you doing?"

"Cooperate you." Donald's answer is quite reasonable. " Do you think my flying speed is accurate? "

Mino was almost pissed off by him!

Ryan had great strength. He was able to protect Colin with ease. Colin hiding behind Ryan's thighs and give those bodyguards a unique flying needle so that they could enjoy the pleasure of injection.

The bodyguards couldn't do anything to this little guy, so they could only aim at the weak group, Donald and Mino.

Donald smartly joined Colin's team, all supported by Ryan] alone.


Mino was very angry. It's ok that Donald didn't know how to fight, and she didn't care if he could help her. At least, he was a man! What's the point of hiding behind Ryan like this?

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