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   Chapter 439 Together (Part One)

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 5953

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This was a place similar to a prison. Mr. Jade and Hayden were in the same cell, and Mr. Tang was drinking tea leisurely in the opposite cell.

"That's great. You know the word 'patience'." "Thanks to Mr. Jade, I finally understand how it feels to be in jail before I step into the grave," said Mr. Tang slowly and ironically

"You're welcome." Mr. Jade said while waving his fan. He looked at Hayden with sharp eyes. Hayden shrugged and said, "Mr. Jade, in fact, I also want to cooperate with you, but I'm not satisfied with your conditions."

"Not satisfied?" Mr. Jade snorted, "The con

thing, and Louis had always been very confident with that.

Hayden nodded. "Now it's the second layer of defense."

The two of them looked at the bodyguards who were standing inside the door and paying no attention to anyone but themselves for five meters. With aggressive weapons in their hands, they didn't communicate with anyone. They were like stone carvings.

Bang. There was another explosion outside the door, and the whole Weng Family began to shake again. The two people were so shocked that they could not stand still, and the bodyguards in front of them still did not move.

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