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   Chapter 438 Smart Colin (Part Two)

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Well, it was not until now that James realized that he had thought too much. What the hell 'she was such a clever woman'? Can it be eaten?

"Cut the crap. Break through the enemy's camp and go home to have a satisfied meal. Why do I look like I'm mistreating you?"

Jasmine kicked the thin man. The man stood up and muttered, "We bought them all with our money."

James laughed in his heart and ignored them.

Jasmine ordered, "What are you laughing at? Help us put knockout drops on the meat and surround the dogs!"

What a tough woman! She not only had flesh, but also had a lot of narcotic.

James couldn't help wondering if he should put away some drugs and deal with that woman?

"I don't want candies. I want fruits." Seeing the needle tubing getting closer and closer, Colin couldn't help crying. Colin was still young and had the right to cry.

But anyone with a discerning eye should have seen it clearly. It was not a problem of eating anything, but that he was not sick and did not want to have an injection.

Mino's heart ached. No matter it was real or not, it was her flesh that fell from her body. How could others bully her son!

Ryan agreed with Colin with a straight face. "Change to fruit. Don't have an injection."

The doctor had taken his body temperature and treated his condition. Except for the slight high temperature because of crying, there was no other illness for the young master.

"Or are you not good at medical skills?" Donald added. Make a great reason for Ryan to left the place with Colin in his arms.

Hearing this, the Butler turned his head and said respectfully, "Masters, please be quiet for a while. Mr. Jade will be here soon."

"Why should we waiting for him? Are we prisoners? " Ry

e starting price of the gun was three thousand, but since they were so familiar, the price was one thousand per shot.

No wonder he asked them to shoot a few more times, obviously to make money for herself.

Acquaintances were all used to trap!

Wearing the bodyguard's clothes, Louis began to stagger. He said to room 207, who was guarding the basement, "Boss asked me to be on duty. You go to rest for two hours!"

207 didn't feel anything wrong and went back to rest as he asked.

Louis opened the door of the basement as the Butler did.

As soon as he stepped forward, the fire inside was lit up. Looking carefully, they were all the simulated flames after the sensing light was on.

Louis walked straight into the basement, and the phone showed that all the people who attended the banquet of Weng Family's family were locked in this basement. He made a mark on the wall and went deep.

While sipping the most expensive tea of the Tang family gracefully, Hayden made a detour with Mr. Jade.

"You know me, young man. What I lack most is patience." Ignoring the ingratiating smile on Hayden's face, Mr. Jade opened the antique fan and shook it.

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