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   Chapter 436 Bait Plan

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 11110

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Jasmine sat cross legged elegantly, chewing gum. Wearing a cyan cheongsam, she looked elegant, but there was a strange sense of ruffian all over her body. Maybe this was the most popular one now?

Seeing that James was looking at her, Jasmine gave him an elegant smile, and then stretched out a pair of slender hands with palms upward.

"One look, one hundred." Even her action of asking for money was not vulgar at all.

Turning around and pretending to be busy, James cleared his throat and asked the staff, "How is it going inside?"

"According to the technology provided by Jasmine, we have successfully cut in all the monitoring system of Mr. Jade's house, but we haven't found any guest for this meeting after checking it several times. They seem to have been transferred to somewhere."

"No way." Jasmine immediately retorted. Her team was the most sophisticated detective team in the world. "There is no place in the world that I can't monitor, unless there is no electronic equipment that is being transmitted there. I can even capture a little electronic equipment."

She immediately asked the boys to find other ways to move, and soon there was the latest news.

The improved recorder could easily monitor all the information channels within a hundred meters. She found a young man with good ears and asked him to identify the channel of the place where Louis was.

Since James was a child, he had seen a lot of bloody and high-tech with Ryan. In his impression, the high-tech talents were usually dressed in white with a serious face, and he had never seen the arrogant and domineering elegant women of Jasmine. It was difficult to understand.

But to be honest, this woman was really charming.

Unknowingly, James focused his eyes on Jasmine again.

Jasmine raised the corner of her mouth slightly, picked up a strand of hair near her ear, and smiled gracefully, "Boy, if you keep looking at me, I'm afraid that you won't be able to pay for looking at me."

In an instant, James withdrew his head.

"I found it." Jasmine found the information source. At the same time, she received a message from Louis who asked her to inform everyone to await orders at the back door. They wanted to break out in one move.

Jasmine took all the equipment and said to James, "Well, now that my task has been completed, it depends on you."

James nodded silently.

In Weng Family.

Half an hour passed quickly, and the second hand just passed the hour. The Butler came and urged, "Everyone, half an hour has passed. What's your decision?"

"Let me out. I want to talk to Mr. Jade in person," Ryan shouted unhurriedly.

"Gentlemen, you only need to answer yes or no, I believe Mr. Jade has made it clear at that time." The steward was rigid and unreasonable.

"We can agree to your request, but after thinking for a while, we still have one condition. If Mr. Jade doesn't have any doubts about my proposal, we can cooperate immediately." Obviously, Hayden was much more sophisticated than Ryan.

The Butler thought for a while, and then a sound of unlocking came from outside. They looked at each other and were ready to implement the plan.

"Mr. Hayden, you can go there. We will wait for your news here." Louis patted on Hayden's chest and raised his eyebrows slightly. The Butler looked up

ny at the thought of it.

Was Ryan a natural idiot?

"Don't touch him." After taking back his son, Ryan looked at Minocoldly. Then he walked to the door and said to everyone outside, "Now my son is sick. Either let us go out, or call the doctor."

The Butler had already sent Hayden out, and there were only dozens of bodyguards guarding the door. One of the bodyguards connected to the person in charge through the headset and asked for a family doctor.

Donald noticed the person who came over and found that he was different from the person who came to check his disease.

He wondered how grandpa was.

Four family doctors, wearing masks and white gowns, entered the room with medical boxes. With tears in their eyes, Colin held Ryan's chest and said to his father in a trembling voice.

Mino had already forgotten the war between her and Ryan. She shouted anxiously, "Give me Colin. Didn't you hear him say he was afraid?"

With a pitiful look at Mino, Colin turned around and hid himself in Ryan's chest.

Everyone's eyes were focused on the three of them, and Colin's face turned blue and red with tears. He screamed hysterically.

The four doctors walked into the inner room, opened the medical kit dutifully and mechanically persuaded Ryan to put down the child. After closing the door, the bodyguards turned their heads to the outside, as if they didn't care about the activities of the people inside at all.

Feeling awkward, Colin didn't want to break away from Ryan's arms. Ryan had no choice but to sit on the bed where Donald sat with Colin in his arms. At once, Donald jumped out of the bed to leave room for them. As they were in a hurry, they fell awkwardly on a doctor.

No one noticed the two unlucky guys. They put all their spirit power on the crying Colin.

Donald got up from the doctor and kept apologizing.

Ryan held Colin in his arms and let the three doctors have a look at Colin, as if a super daddy was caring about his child. He said stubbornly, "That's it, or let us go out to see a doctor."

Sometimes, Ryan's insistence was more useful than any resistance. The doctors only received orders to do things, and now the order was to cure the child's disease.

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