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   Chapter 435 The Psychological Battle

Trapped Inside This Madness By Chang Du Characters: 10007

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Seeing that Ryan came back safe and sound, Mino thought that generally Louis would not be hurt too much. She just said, "You know, if you can't defeat him, you can run away. You can run away if you can't him."

"Ha ha, it's not a matter of life and death. I'm not going to fight on the battlefield. Don't be afraid, Mino." Louis smiled lightly and winked at her with his enchanting eyes. By the way, who knew the future? Louis didn't know what was waiting for him. At the worst, he would die.

Hayden pushed Louis. This guy, he didn't forget to start a fight before he left.

As soon as he tried to get close to Mino, he was pushed away by Colin and his small body tried its best to act like a man.

Hayden touched Colin's head. "It will be my turn soon." So I want to ask you, Mr. Ryan, what did Mr. Jade talk to you? "

Mino was also interested in this topic and leaned her head over.

Ryan snorted and told Mino the truth, "He wants me to work for him for free for two years."

"What's the condition?"

Anyone with a discerning eye knew that this was not a small price. Letting the young master of Yuan Family work for others meant stopping the current tendency of Yuan Family to develop the industries of other companies. No entrepreneur would do such a stupid thing.

"The conditions are too bad. I didn't agree and then came back." Ryan snorted and looked directly at Mino, ignoring Hayden.

As for Mr. Jade's suggestion, he only said that he had to consider it. If he could really cure Mino's amnesia, he could totally agree. He didn't agree just because he would only doubt Mr. Jade's moral quality.

Colin was completely convinced by this answer. He said arrogantly, "Our Yuan Family is very expensive. Ordinary people can't afford to invite us for half a day."

"Ha ha." Mino touched his head. Although he was a child, he was still a little worried. She felt that she had a special relationship with Ryan, but she could see his confusion and tangle from his words. She didn't say it out, thinking that it might be her illusion.

Hayden blinked his bright eyes. Donald leaned his head from behind. He had been waiting for his grandfather, but his grandfather had left for a long time. Now he was a little sick and unable to cheer up. When he heard that Ryan was captured, he just raised his eyelids and instantly covered them with his eyelashes.

Not able to get close to [米诺], Nelson looked at three and touched his head like a puppy. "Such a good opportunity for gossip? You don't want to know?"

"What are you thinking about? I don't know if I can go back alive. Why are you still thinking about those useless things?" Donald replied unhappily. His answer successfully attracted the attention of the other two people. Just when Mino was about to get close to Donald, Louis came back. His face was gloomy, although his whole body was not damaged.

"Mr. Hayden, please follow me. Mr. Jade asked you in, please." The Butler sent Louis back and asked Hayden to l

ino took the blame.

"Mino, I don't want to hurt you. I just want to ask you what to do?" Donald was even more worried. What was going on? He didn't want to do this, but things turned to another direction. "I wonder if they will let me go if I hand it in now."

Mino raised her index finger and shook it at the young man in front of her. "No, they won't. Even if you hand them over now, they will still see you as a suspect. I'll take care of it for you. Let's keep silent. We didn't know this would happen."

Donald more wanted to cry. It seemed that he had hurt Mino again.

"Mino." "Stop talking. We didn't know if it was a gem they had thrown. If it wasn't, we would have done harm to ourselves? Do you want to be tortured to death by them?" Mino threatened.

Donald shook his head immediately. "I don't want to be ravaged, Mino."

Mino nodded and made an agreement with Donald. If they went out successfully, the gem would be hers! Yeah!

"Mommy, what is 'ravage'?" Colin leaned his head to join their discussion. The two of them were so scared that they instantly hid the gem worth two hundred million in their pockets.

She looked at the direction of Ryan in a hurry. His father didn't take good care of the child. How could he let him do anything as he ran!

"Ravage is ravage. Ravage is a girl's name. Don't scream, Colin." Mino began to fool him.

Colin nodded seriously, "I know, Mommy. Ravage is a girl's name. Is she a relative of us?"

Mino shoved Colin into Ryan's hand. Ryan was still discussing the operation plan with Hayden. Seeing the angry look on Mino's face, he gave a doting smile.

"It's so disgusting. Go on." However, Louis didn't buy it. "I got a message that Jasmine and your men are outside and can take action at any time."

The besiegement was about to take place. From what Louis said, it seemed that he had become the general in chief.

Ryan and Hayden had no objection. Anyway, a good show was about to begin. They would wait and see.

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