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   Chapter 434 Terms Of Exchange

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Colin clenched his fists, "I know, father."

Seeing the interaction between the three of them, the bright eyes of Hayden became dim, and there was a strange feeling in Louis's eyes. Holding Mino's hand which was holding Ryan's clothes just now, Colin protected his mother like a man.

The British Butler had been bowing ninety degrees. When Ryan stood up and walked to him, he slowly raised his head and nodded at Ryan. Then he said in a standard tone, "Mr. Ryan, please follow me."

The Yuan Family.

As soon as James received Ryan's call, he began to prepare for all the movements. The first step was to inform Tom of the Ning Family. Tom was dubious about this.

"You can choose not to believe it, because I will only protect the people of Yuan Family later." What he meant was that he had called to inform him of his action. If he still doubted whether he would take action or not, he would not take the safety of the young master of the Ning clan into consideration when he took action.

"Where?" Tom had always been two hundred percent vigilant about this kind of call.

"Gather at the Yuan Family's house. Let's go to the Weng Family's house!"

Tom didn't have any doubts anymore. If the information was wrong, he would only lose a little time. If his judgment was wrong, then he would lose either Mr. Hayden's or his own life.

"I see!"

Half an hour later, Tom led all the people to the Yuan Family's house. More than a dozen large commercial vehicles surrounded Yuan Family's house.

This provocation was more like a demonstration to the Yuan Family.

Tom walked out of the black commercial vehicle. His tall black figure was full of pressure as soon as he came out. He took off his sunglasses and looked straight into the house of Yuan Family with his dangerous eyes.

James regardless of Tom's dangerous eyes, with a wave of his hand, a large number of bodyguards with weapons ran out of the door. They were all dressed in a uniform, with large words 'Yuan' on their back. All of them were high-end equipped guns, which were more powerful and shooting farther than Tom's. They were the elite troops of the Yuan Family.

It was not until Tom saw James's preparation that he realized that this matter was not simple. Fortunately, he had a backup plan. There were a lot of high-end guns and weapons in the trunk of the car.

"How can I be sure that you are not using me, but my young master is really in danger?"

Huh, this time you are still suspicious! James detained him in heart. "Believe it or not, it's up to you." He looked at the watch in his hand. It was already one o'clock.

He calculated the distance in his mind and asked the person behind him, "Have you got through the phone?"

The person behind him shook his head. "They are in an area with high-intensity block signal. No electronic communication device is allowed to flow out there."

Tom frowned. He thought that his young master also had the ability to deal with the strongest equipment. If what he said was right, what he needed to do now was to cooperate with him.

"Do I need to contact the Dong Family? Mr. Hayden took Louis to the Weng Family

sing his eyebrows, Ryan looked at Mr. Jade who was watching the show and asked, "Why did you ask me to come here, Mr. Jade? My child can't live without me. "

With a wave of his hand, Mr. Jade called several butlers. When there were only two men left in the room, he said slowly, "I hope you can take charge of my business empire, for two years."

"Oh?" Ryan didn't respond. He raised his eyes wearily and said, "Then let's see what you are going to offer me in exchange."

"Ha ha. I like smart people. " Mr. Jade laughed out loud. Shaking the antique fan slowly, he said, "I know what happened to you, so I have been looking for a doctor with superb medical skills these years. Now I can tell you confidently that I have the ability to cure the intermittent amnesia of the mistress of the Yuan Family, so that you and your wife can go back to the moment of love again."

Ryan kept silent. He had searched for so many years, but he still couldn't find any clue or information. But Mr. Jade could help him, only work for him for two years.

"I need to think about it."

"Of course."

Mr. Jade seemed to be a reasonable old man. He asked someone to take Ryan back to his bedroom.

The people in the inner room were all anxious, guessing what was going to happen to Ryan. More than ten minutes later, when they saw Ryan return safely, they felt a little inconceivable.

Louis was the most surprised. What about the interrogation and the bodyguards beating he had seen outside the window? How could they treated people differently?

With a smile on his face, Hayden watched Ryan pick up Colin and enjoy Mino's care. He answered that he was fine, but no one believed him.

There must be something behind it.

"Louis, Mr. Jade wants to see you."

One just backed and one was about to leave. Louis walked to Mino and touched her head. He said carefully, "I had thought take you home with me, didn't expect we will be involved in such a thing."

Louis's words aroused the only remaining guilt in Mino's heart. Because of her uncertain state of mind, she could only make Louis compromise.

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