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   Chapter 433 Mr. Jade's Persistence

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Later, he finally found a woman to help him with his business, but after his business began to expand, that woman died.

There was a popular saying that the Weng Family had no chance to do business all their lives. It seemed that Jade had accepted his fate since then.

I didn't expect that he would be interested in doing business again. Gathered all the young people in business together to attend the antique appreciation meeting. In fact, he is selecting someone to do business for him. "

Just like what happened thirty years ago, the more disappointed he cannot get things he what, the more determined he would want to succeed before he died. That was Jade's persistence.

Mino turned her head and take a look at Ryan. In his arms, Colin bit his fingers timidly, as if he was a little scared. She felt a little nervous, and Louis continued the topic of Mr. Tang.

"So, Mr. Tang, do you know how many forces are with Mr. Jade now?"

Mr. Tang shook his head. "Thirty years ago, Jade was doing a big business. That woman was very good at earning money. It is said that the money that Jade stored in the Treasury can be piled up in several rooms and can't be used up for several lifetimes.

As long as you have money, you can create many forces. Young man, forces are not fixed. "

Louis held his chin and thought. Still fiddling with his mobile phone, Hayden was determined to find a way to crack the anti-tracking.

"So we have to stay here all the time and never want to go out for the rest of our lives?" Hearing what Mr. Tang said, Colin couldn't hold back his sadness anymore. He said in a sobbing tone and buried his head in Ryan's chest.

Ryan patted him on the back. Hearing the sigh of the Mr. Tang, he said, "Mr. Jade, for my sake, let me exchange two hundred million to let the Donald go."

Two hundred million was equal to a head?

They knew how Mr. Jade calculated.

They looked at Mr. Jade, who was still smiling in the depths of the room, feeling bad.

"Don't think those awful ideas. You all can't defeat Jade. "Mr. Tang seems to be persuading them. Mino grinned a long face.

"Mommy, don't be afraid." Colin encouraged her. Although he was afraid to death now.

"It's done." "My phone has blocked all the anti-tracking signals. Who wants to call for support?" Hayden finally succeed. I can only say that this phone can only be called for 10 seconds for three people at most. If it is too long, it will definitely be noticed. "

Ryan asked for the call, and so did Louis.

Mr. Tang was waiting for the call to save his grandson's life, but if he made this call, these innocent people would stay here. He couldn't stand the person he brought in alive out of the room dead.

"No, thanks. I have plenty of time to waste with the Weng Family. You young people can do it in your own way. " Mr. Tang was very open-minded in front of them.

"Our family has made tea for a lifetime, and we get along with each other l

Hayden agreed. Mr. Tang couldn't figure out what was on this smart man's mind. He rolled his sleeves and went out to have dinner with Mr. Jade. After all, he had known Mr. Jade for so many years, he wouldn't hurt him in public.

"Children are too shy to have dinner with us. Forget it. Just prepared something for my grandson. He is injured. If it weren't for the dim light, he wouldn't have been injured. "

Mr. Tang put all the blame on Mr. Jade. Mr. Jade laughed loudly and said, "Sure."

The screams outside didn't stop until two o'clock in the afternoon. Mino didn't have much appetite and ate the delicacies in front of her hastily. Everyone was waiting for the result from the other end of the phone, but there was no call.

Mino really wanted to rush out and shout for help, but somehow the door was already full of bodyguards.

They had dealt with all the people outside. Was it their turn now?

Mino asked Ryan in a low voice. Ryan was flattered by Mino's approaching. "If you fight alone, how many chances do you have to win?"

Ryan shook his head and raised his index finger at Mino, "No, not at all."

This was not because they were afraid of the performance of the jayleen clan, but because they didn't have the strength to resist.

Outside the door, a man wearing white gloves pushed the door open and made a half bow to the people inside. "Mr. Ryan, Mr. Jade invites you to have a talk."

Danger was approaching. Mr. Tang had never come back since he was invited to dinner by Mr. Jade.

Mino sat beside him, holding his sleeve and didn't want him to leave.

Ryan took a deep look at the expressionless Butler. When he was about to stand up, his clothes were grabbed by Mino. He smiled. At least from now on, it was not a bad thing to be the first one.

He gently patted the back of Mino's hand and said "OK" in silent to Mino. Then he put Colin in his original position and said to him like a man, "Protect your mother like a man!"

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