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   Chapter 400 Sherry's admirer (Part One)

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When the muscular man opened the closed door from the outside, Sherry's body was barely covered by rags. She held a dagger in her trembling hands. When she heard the sound outside, she quickly pointed the dagger at the man. When she saw the muscular man, she finally breathed a sigh of relief. "Jerry, you're here."

The muscular man named Jerry's face softened when he saw Sherry. He kicked the man who was dead at his feet and carefully walked to Sherry to wipe the blood on her face. Although the bloodstained Sherry had a sad beauty, he preferred a clean Sherry.

"Don't be afraid." Jerry comforted Sherry, who was trembling like a small animal. He took out a man's clothes and put it on her.

Hiding under the man's arm, Sherry's eyes shone with excitement. She murmured, "Jerry, fortunately, you are here."

In the past, Jerry was a fan of Sherry. Every poster about Sherry had an autograph, and every TV series about Sherry had been collected by him. He didn't miss any of Sherry's shows, nor did he forget to give Sherry any gifts. He always stood quietly in the corner and looked at his goddess in his heart who was giving out charming radiance on the stage. But one day, his goddess was degenerated into a plaything, and he felt his world collapsed. He surrounded her with his partners for three long days and nights.

He should have been desperate. His goddess in his heart had been trampled by his brothers, and he had no right to ask his brothers to stop. He could only try his best to provide her with food and clothing. Three days later, when her goddess saw him and had no time to dodge, he heard her whispering timidly, "I seem to know you."

After that

to the villa she rented, she found a furtive sound at the door.

L. The ruins of X Group were completely quiet. After receiving the order from Louis, Jasmine immediately mobilized all the elites to protect Mino when Louis was not at home. She thought that Mino had arrived at Dong Family quietly, but she did not expect that she did not appear yet. After giving orders to her troops to occupy a few good views, she asked her friends to go to the beauty salon for a spa. It was rare that Louis was not there. She had to enjoy it.

In the Ning Family.

Mino got out of the car and made a phone call. She waited for a long time, but the phone didn't get through. When she made the third call, Mino gave up completely and made a gesture at the door. Hayden, this poor guy, I won't invite you to dinner next time. Humph!'!

Suddenly, she felt that someone was behind her. Mino quickly moved aside, thinking that she might meet her enemy who came to her. In fact, she had a common relationship with Hayden.

She turned around and saw a man who looked like a loan shark was holding a brick and trying to beat her.

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