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   Chapter 309 Pack Them All (Part One)

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 5877

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Is the price a little cheap? After all, she was a virgin! Well, one thousand for a kiss and two thousand for a hug!

Mino's strength is useless, so she use her wisdom. She tickled him and let him go.

"Listen, one thousand for a kiss and two thousand for a hug. You just have kissed me so many times, I'll give you a discount. Fifty thousand in total. Give me!" Mino said resentfully as she wiped the marks on her mouth.

Ryan was very angry at first, this girl refused him so much, but after hearing what she said, she smiled happily.

"No problem. This is an unlimited diamond card. You can withdraw as much as you want, but..."

Looking at the smile on Ryan's face, Mino didn't dare to take it. She was not a fool.

"But what?"

Looking at the vigilant eyes of Mino, he naturally had to go up and close the distance.

"But from now on, you are mine. I can kiss you whenever I want, and I can hug you whenever I want." Ryan held her waist to stop her from running away.

He had to pay for his wife's kiss. Only he was so unlucky in the world.

"You wish! I'm just short of money for the time being. I'll take this card for the time being. " Mino didn't dodge him until she got the card.

It was not until ten meters away that she shook the card and said, "I'll go upstairs and have a rest. You can keep kissing."

As Mino went upstairs, she turned her head to see if he had come up.

This man was too dangerous. She had to hide in the room as soon as possible.

Nancy had taken her here before. Although she didn't go in, she kept it in mind, went upstairs to the first room on her left hand.

As soon as she entered the room, Mino was blocked by a pair of vases. She had asked Ryan to send it to her room before, but she didn't ex

, Ryan put a set of keys on the tea table. He was telling Mino that it is useless to lock the door from inside.

Mino was so angry, but she was so hungry that she had to compromise.

'Forget it. Anyway, I won't get pregnant or lose a piece of meat after being watched for a moment. If I don't eat anything, I will really starve to death.'

"What's this?" Mino opened the box and found it was vegetable salad. How could she eat it?

"Hey, can't you get me some sandwiches and hamburgers? Cookie will also be fine. "

In fact, she also found that her appetite was a little strange recently. She always wanted to eat frequently, but she attributed this situation to the beginning of the second wave of youth.

"You can only eat this if you don't want to be a fat woman of two pounds." Ryan had guessed it, but he couldn't allow her to eat anything as she wish.

If she ate too much, it would burden her stomach more.

"It's my business to gain weight. It's none of your business!"

Seeing that she was so angry that she didn't want to eat, Ryan told himself not to be softhearted and never listen to her, or she would be difficult to control in the future.

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