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   Chapter 308 One Hundred Dollar One Kiss! (Part Two)

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"What? I mean, this melon was planted by an old man. It's so delicious. " Mino shrank his neck, feeling that he was about to be killed by Ryan's gaze.

This play was too difficult to act. She wanted to go home to find her mother!

"Mino likes this. I'll ask Nancy to prepare it for you every day. What else do you want to eat?" Mr. Yuan loved Mino more than his grandson, so he didn't care about it.

"Grandpa, you are so kind. I want to eat kiwi fruit, sweet melon, orange, apple, hawthorn apple, grapes..."

Mino didn't seem to stop at all. She didn't notice that the others in the living room didn't listen to her, but looked straight at her.

"Ha ha. I mean just one thing a little bit every day. " Mino giggled in embarrassment. She felt like a monkey in the circus now.

The awkwardness was dispelled by Mr. Yuan. He was old and in poor health, so he went back to his own yard in advance.

Mino didn't dare to be careless. Although Mr. Yuan left, the children is still here.

"Colin, it's time for you to go upstairs. Read a book before you go to bed." Ryan looked at Mino, then he knew what she was thinking. If she hadn't lost her memory, she would have held Colin and cried for a while.

"Yes, dad and mom. I'm going upstairs." Colin smiled casually, but no one noticed that his eyes became very complicated when he went upstairs.

Seeing that there were only the two of them left in the living room, Mino let out a sigh of relief. Before Ryan could ask, she had already began to eat and didn't stop.

Ryan didn't stop her because he thought eating more fruit wouldn't do her any harm.

"Your family is so rich. Why didn't you tell me earlier? If I had known it, I would have come earlier."

"……" Ryan drank tea silently.


Are they from the same mother but different father? Her mother wouldn't do that.

When Mino was still wondering whether she was a half-sister, Ryan went downstairs to look for her after taking a shower.

"You were much more adorable than you are now." Holding a glass of red wine, Ryan only wore a bathrobe.

"How adorable?" Mino was lost in his deep eyes at the first sight of him.

His dark eyes were like endless darkness, but the light in them gave people hope again.

She stared at him for three minutes, only to find that his eyes were getting closer and closer to her, and finally almost clung to her.

Her lips felt a cool feeling. Maybe it was because he had just taken a shower that his lips felt cool, very comfortable. When she came to her senses, she wanted to escape, but her hands and her waist were firmly fixed.

"Let go of me, waah..." This was her first kiss. How could this stinky man do that! When Mino was still mourning for her first kiss, Ryan had tried his best to open her mouth.

Mino was so stunned by the kiss, but she was determined to ask him for compensation.

One hundred for a kiss, two hundred for a hug

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