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   Chapter 304 Inexplicably Been Taken Home (Part One)

Trapped Inside This Madness By Cry Out Loud Characters: 5781

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"It's so funny. I'm so happy. I just graduated, how could it be? It's so funny!" Holding her belly, Mino laughed hysterically, but she found that Ryan still kept a serious face.

Was what he said true?

"I'm married and have children. Why don't I know about it?"

Was there anything more funny than this in the world?

"If you don't believe me, you can take a look at this." Ryan took a photo frame from the hand of James and handed it to Mino.

In the photo, she and Ryan were sitting on the sofa, with a little boy standing in the middle, who was not only handsome, but also very cute.

"What's this?" Was he going to tell her that this woman was her and this child was hers?

"That's exactly what you think." Ryan could tell from her expression that she had guessed it.

Holding the photo frame in both hands, Mino looked at Ryan in horror. It was a farce, wasn't it? It must be. Is today April Fool's day?

The photos could be PS. Think she didn't know?

Did anyone could say that he was her husband with a photo produced by PS? She, Mino, was a self-esteem and self-respect young woman. How could she get married and have children without a boyfriend?

She thought it might be a conspiracy, but she didn't know what its purpose was for the time being.

"You said it was me. Then show me the evidence, or I don't believe it!" The vigilance in Mino's eyes hurt Ryan.

Even if she had forgotten everything, how could she forget her love with him?

"As long as you come home with me, you will know everything." Ryan tried to hold her hand, but she dodged.

"Home? Go back to your home? Do you think I'm three years old? Haven't the teacher taught you not to go home with strangers? I'm going back to the

's nest.

Hiding behind the desk, the coldness in Hayden's eyes was not what a noble man should have. Instead, he was calm venomously, waiting for an opportunity to move.

"Watch out!" Someone suddenly shouted and wanted to remind his companions, but it was too late. When the bullet was shot close to his temple, it shot from the other end. The white brains and bright red blood mixed together.

"Send a message to Ryan. I'll take Mino back soon." After saying that, Hayden kicked the window open with his feet and jumped down from the height.

The three of them were highly trained mercenaries, but they had lost a comrade in arms just after fighting, which made them not look down upon their enemies.

"Go back first."

Hayden walked out of the hotel and drove along the road towards the airport. If he could make it in time, he might be able to rob Mino.

Someone else followed him halfway.

A scene of speed and passion began. Although he knew that he had crossed that person's bottom line, he did not expect that he would give a hunting order.

The police car chased after them crazily, but it didn't slow down the car in front.

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